Divorcing a Psycho: Divorce Deceit Greed Abuse – Brian Burns


“From start to finish this book had me totally gripped!” – John Hynds

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“A British version of Gone Girl, it made me laugh and cry” – Al

‘Divorcing a Psycho’ will resonate with millions of couples worldwide. A novel which explores what happens when divorce turns nasty in both a tragic and satirical way. Pulls no punches when weaving suspense, personality evils and dark humour together in a narrative few authors would be brave enough to publish.

Biography of Brian Burns

“I’m a businessman living and working in Glasgow Scotland. I’ve always wanted to write since school days and English was my best and favourite subject. My first published work was articles on fishing published in the Angling’s Mail and the Daily Express when I was only fifteen years old.

I left school at sixteen with 5 O Grades and became an apprentice electrician, later I became a sales representative and started my own company at age 29. I know run three businesses from my office in Glasgow. My books “How to become Alphaman” and “Divorcing a Psycho” were both published recently on Amazon.”

A shocking and dramatic read, I was hardly able to put it down and nearly read the entire book in one sitting! Gives some insight to the kind of struggles people are met with when going through an acrimonious divorce, it’s unbelievable that this still goes on in this day of age- I recommend this book to anyone looking for something different- fast paced and thrilling.” – Hollie 

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.