‘The Wise Bear Stories Helping you through life’s journey.’

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“If your children can learn to master their minds as Wise Bear shows them, they can learn to master their lives.” – Dr John Demartini: International best-selling author of The Values Factor

“I just love the Wise Bear Stories. Being a filmmaker, I am always excited by writing that delivers hidden messages.” – Leo Hughes: Associate Producer Star Wars: The Last Jedi

“I think they’re terrific. A great balance between gentle story-telling and practical insights for children and their families.” – Adrienne Ferguson: English and Drama School Teacher


More than a story

The Wise Bear Stories are a series of children’s personal development books, ideally suited for 5-11-year-old’s, although the principles are far-reaching to all ages, and each collection is designed to aid children with the present-day anxieties and emotional challenges they face, ones they will continue to address as they grow up.

These vital lessons are presented through a different subject in every story, but within each one lies timelessly valuable advice, to encourage making sense of the different challenges and events they will experience in their lives.

The reader can begin to navigate the journey of their life in a safe place, where Wise Bear will emit the calming balance to young mindsets, to give them strategies to maximise their individual potential and associate themselves with important principles necessary for a healthy mental wellbeing.

Even at 100 years old Wise Bear is determined to learn and develop himself.

Wise Bear loves to read, practice yoga, make healthy smoothies and meditate. The only thing that gives him away are some of his quirky sayings!

So often we learn things later in life that we desperately wish we had given some time to discovering when we were growing up. The ageing process of self-discovery and acquiring wisdom can start a little earlier with the practical insights and fulfilling lessons now from The Wise Bear Stories, inspiring a self-care all too necessary for young people today.

Collection 1 £29.95 (for all 6 books) or £6.95 each from the ‘Wise Bear’ website, or on Amazon.

Discovering your own uniqueness
Criticism: The truth everyone must learn
Fair Exchange: Everyone wins
How to love the things you don’t
Friendships: coping with the ups and downs
Bullying: a new Perspective

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About the Author

Scott Cranfield has coached at the highest level for over 30 years, spanning subjects from life coaching and family relationships, to sport and business. As a young man at age 13, Scott dedicated himself to becoming a tournament golf professional, though early approaches proved ineffective with poor results, and he soon found himself faced with the reality that he was not good enough to undertake the sport for a living.

Even though Scott’s search for perfection didn’t result in winning golf tournaments, it did give him a vast knowledge, and started him on a never-ending journey of learning and development.  Scott explains how he transitioned from playing to coaching;

“Every time I learned something new, I had this amazingly strong urge to share it with others, whilst I didn’t set out to coach it became obvious this would be my destiny.  The thought of sharing and trying to help others became so inspiring to me that I quickly knew this would be my life’s mission!”

To date, Scott has created and hosted 21 different seminars & programs, been fortunate to have a 12-year TV career and to have 30+ years’ experience writing for magazines. One of the most notable methods of sharing his knowledge has been through the Cranfield Gold Academy, providing him with the opportunity to mentor hundreds of coaches since 1999.

Achievements in Scott’s life include being awarded the status of PGA Master Professional by the British PGA in 2011, and in 2013 launching his first golf book ‘Intuitive Golf’- “How to unlock your natural ability.” 

A turning point in Scott’s life was in 2007 on meeting Dr John Demartini. Since hearing him speak for the first time, Scott knew Dr Demartini could provide him with the answers he was still searching for. Studying under Demartini has helped Scott to explore greater and gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour. Here it was confirmed that the idea of living an inspired life is possible, with hard work, it is worth it!

The Wise Bear Stories comes off the back of that realisation when his mission to help others was going from strength to strength, and with his eldest daughter newly turned 4, and shortly after the arrival of his second daughter, his developmental interests veered to his children, and ultimately all children. That combined with the worrying mental health statistics in young people today, were a huge trigger for creating Wise Bear.

“The Wise Bear Stories are different… they don’t always follow the common psychological models promoted of positive thinking and growth mindset.  Instead they share timeless principles of true human behaviour, which whilst understood for centuries are rarely practiced or coached.  The lessons shared in The Wise Bear Stories will amongst other things help children deal with the anxieties and emotional challenges they face in life, as well as giving them strategies to maximise their individual potential.  Just like my children have benefited, I want other children to have the chance to learn these principles while they are young, as it will give them the tools to maintain mental wellness throughout their life.”