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natasha-murray1Originally from London, Natasha Murray left home at the age of 18, before moving to Horsham and raising her family.  She enjoyed painting and successfully exhibited her work, while also starting to write plays.  Following a move to Horsham, where she met and married her husband, who she describes as her soul mate and best friend, she published her first book, 3004.  Since then she has published several other books, including the sequel to 3004, titled 3006, and the first 2 books in her Milly’s Magic Quilt series.

Writing is both a dream and a compulsion for Natasha, although she still loves to paint and invent various gadgets.  Her ultimate dream is for her works to be well known, although she loves that her books and paintings are in the public domain for all to enjoy.



Milly’s Magic Quilt – 1 The Naughty Princesses


One night Milly and Patch, her rabbit, discover that Milly’s new patchwork quilt is magic. Each square has a story to tell and will take them on an exciting adventure. In this episode, Milly and Patch go to a distant land and help some naughty princesses.



Milly loved her baby blanket.  It was soft, pink and had a special smell all of its own.  It had been given to her before she was even born and it went everywhere with her.

One day her Mum announced that she was going to cut her blanket into squares and they would then be sewn into a patchwork quilt.  To start with Milly had cried but after looking at pictures of quilts, she made a brave decision and decided that it was time to part with her blanket.  It had become ragged at the edges and she had to hide it when her friends came round to play.  Even she knew that a big girl of six had to give up such things.


Milly’s Magic Quilt – 2 Humbert the Lonely Giant


One night Milly and Patch, her rabbit, discover that Milly’s new patchwork quilt is magic. Each square has a story to tell and will take them on an exciting adventure. Where will they go to next? In this episode, Milly and Patch dodge danger and find out why Humbert the giant is sad and lonely.



It was a hot night and Milly could not sleep.  She stared out of the window at the moon and thought that it looked like a huge ball of yellow cheese in the night sky.

Milly was eager to go on another adventure with Patch her rabbit.  She hoped he would arrive soon.  She knew just where she wanted to go and could feel the magic building up, ready to take them away.

Milly had discovered that her magic quilt would only take them on an adventure when there was a full moon.  She felt so excited and knew Patch would appear at any moment.  Tonight she was going to choose the patchwork square that she believed to have come from a giant’s tablecloth.

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London, a thousand years from now. The capital sprawls across the whole of England and every last bit of land is taken up by human habitation. Both London and Paris are protected from terrorist and criminal infiltration by an invisible shield and the people live under constant surveillance. Everyone, though, is happy – or seems to be. Law breakers are cast out of the shield into the wilderness and are left there to fend for themselves.

Somewhere in the French wilderness, two sixteen-year-old Londoners are about to embark on the task that every boy their age must pass. They couldn’t be more different: Kayleb is clever but puny; Rowan is strong and obstinate. They’ve never been friends – far from it – but they quickly realise that, if they are going to survive the bloody dangers ahead of them, they are going to have to learn to trust each other – and fast!

A thrilling, powerfully imagined sci-fi adventure that will keep readers guessing until the very last page



3006_kindle_coverIn 3004, millions of Veenans came to Earth seeking sanctuary. Two years later, resources and food are at critical levels.

The Think Tank Program, used to run the nation, has been corrupted. Commander Conrad Heinz, faces assassination if he does not carry out its cruel orders. All fear being cast out into the wilderness beyond London’s invisible shield.

Kayleb Heinz has become disillusioned with London’s strict rules. Things must change, if we have any chance of surviving. Can Ana Bambi show him the way or will she lead him astray?
Rowan Gellpen, Kayleb’s old school friend, has been charged with murdering two Veenans. He must do his best to survive on the Isle of Wight, an open prison – home to vicious lifers.
10 year old Jack Solar is a waster and lives in the Welsh wilderness. He spends a lot of his time dreaming about getting into London.

Tensions are rising between Londoners and Veenans. Can David, the Veenan leader, make up for all the misery he has brought?
Is this our future? What will become of us all?

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