Dialectic on the Survival of a Battery Doll – Maxine Thompson


Exposing the effects of Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the experience of a woman


Readers will face a raw condition of mind written at a time of fear.

Dealing with individual and interpersonal insecurities, and exposure to narcissistic personality disorder, this is a modern day survival story where the undercurrent – an employment and socially driven society – is one unsympathetic to the ordeal of mental health.

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This book was written to assist in individual person psychoanalysis.  From the author’s experience as a woman, a domestic abuse victim, a UK civil servant (in the modern workforce where commitments are torn between work and family life), and as a result of being diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

It is a survival story of immense degrees in the face of great and continuous adversity.  It is a story of the struggle one can face attempting to overcome mental health challenges for various reasons; and is a closer personalised look at the behaviours and experiences that affected the mind, and overall wellbeing.

In particular it looks at Home Office culture which grew to be significantly toxic (in the author’s experience), leading to numerous employee dissatisfaction, and many being unwell and declared unfit for work.

It is key now, because it is an important contribution to the public discussion on mental health and work, as it provides a point of view that echoes the experience, and voice of many living in the UK at a time of uncertainty: not only as a woman, but as a domestic abuse victim, and as a former employee for the Home Office.

It is key now, because mental health issues are rising as a result of the changing times and the burden of rising living costs that general wages don’t seem to meet.

Readers may find solace in knowing they are not alone, and may find concepts and ideas for dealing with their own fears and situations at this time.  Particularly decisions to relocate to an area where quality of life may be ascertained as opposed to staying in a poor situation, which is personally damaging.

This book was written following employment tribunal, at a time of distinct trial, and in trying to face the uncertainty of income, and the possible loss of profession.  It called for a change of thinking habits, and a change in perception in order to survive.

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About the Author

Maxine ThompsonCritical thinking and creative, Maxine is deeply inspired by her children, continuous development, and achievement.

She is currently at the University of Nottingham undertaking a Politics and International Relations programme of study.

Prior to that, she served 11 years in the Home Office in London, working in Immigration Service, and the Appeals and Litigation Directorate, between the regional offices in Croydon, Marsham Street, and Fleet Street.

She is experienced in stakeholder engagement, corporate support, policy writing, risk analysis, and programme delivery.  Maxine held positions such as Gender Duty representative, and worked on policy guidance for engaging with Domestic Violence victims.  She supported Agency transformation – establishing risk management and business continuity for Appeals operations, and supported the Agency’s digital strategy: leading on contingency planning and critical incidents handling through the 2012 Olympics, and various strike actions in 2013.

Maxine now spends her time advocating for the reframing of mental health in order to change the way it is viewed.

“This book is a well written, captivating and enthralling. You feel the writers pain and anguish as she tells her story of struggles and challenges that she has had to overcome.  Whether it be relationships in the workplace, romantically, with friends or relatives, this book details her account of trying times and her, eloquently written battle of survival.”Amazon Customer