Dear Piers Morgan by Suzann Douglas


Dear Piers Morgan – Understanding the implicit connotations of your comments on Meghan, to race: A Psychodynamic view of how we ALL ingest information, which becomes implicit by Suzann Douglas.


In the same vein as bestsellers Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race and White Fragility, Dear Piers Morgan furthers the important discussion of unconscious bias and in doing so, deftly challenges our perceptions of race and identity. 

Beginning with an open letter to Piers Morgan, Suzann Douglas centres her text around the British media’s abhorrent and racially-charged tirade against former Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, examining the historical causation and psychological impact of the structural racism to which we are all party. In exposing the anachronisms of our past, Douglas sheds light on the urgency of change for our future.

Meticulous in its research and insightful in its conclusions, Dear Piers Morgan is a book everyone will benefit from having read.

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“I don’t see colour. I treat everyone the same!” We have all heard that said at one time or another. We are born with needs and require and seek to have those needs met. Along the process of growth, we ingest information which becomes unconscious, yet powerfully informs our actions and decisions. This book takes the reader on the journey we go through building our self-concept and our concept of others. The book explores, in practical and relatable ways, using psychodynamic theory, the natural processes we experience which affect our human psyche. It factors in the additional elements that are all around us, of curriculum, culture, media, race and government and their impact. This book illustrates how we build and then operate out of unconscious bias, at individual and systemic levels. It combines counselling theory and broader research, delivered pragmatically and tangibly. You’ve heard of the red pill or the blue pill. This book “uncovers the depth of structural racism from Africa, to the slave ships, the UK and America. The historical references (in this book) are rich and give the reader opportunity to weigh up what is offered, essentially asking you to decide if you will take the red pill or the blue pill.” (C. Barge, Lecturer).

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About the book

Price: £9.98 (Paperback), £7.84 (eBook)
Pages: 207
ISBN: 9798691513060

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About the author

Suzann Douglas is an integrative counsellor whose book is the passionate result of many years in observing systemic bias, and uncovering the untrue narratives told about history and race. Through her counselling training, she learnt how we ALL ingest information, which then becomes unconscious and forcefully informs our actions & decisions. She adopts a Psychodynamic approach (how past events may be influencing the present) and also Humanistic (exploring the clients’ self-concept).   Dear Piers Morgan combines her passion, counselling training insight and hours of research to demonstrate the process of building implicit racial bias, from the cradle to adulthood.