Dead Eyed by @MatthewBrolly


“A definite must-read!” – Miss D.

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“Tense, dark and with quite a grip.” – Kate

DCI Michael Lambert thought he’d closed his last case…

Yet when he’s passed a file detailing a particularly gruesome murder, Michael knows that this is no ordinary killer at work.

The removal of the victim’s eyes and the Latin inscription carved into the chest is the chilling calling-card of the ‘soul jacker’: a cold-blooded murderer who struck close to Michael once before, twenty-five years ago.

Now the long-buried case is being re-opened, and Michael is determined to use his inside knowledge to finally bring the killer to justice. But as the body count rises, Michael realises that his own links to the victims could mean that he is next on the killer’s list…

The gripping first novel in a thrilling new crime series by Matt Brolly. Perfect for fans of Tony Parsons, Lee Child and Angela Marsons.

“The storyline in this book is completely absorbing. The short chapters make it a fast moving book with lots of twists and turns. It is a book that will keep you guessing and reading ‘just one more chapter’ to find out what is going to happen next. It was action packed, dramatic and addictive. Definitely an unputdownable read.” – Portybell

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.