David’s Journey – Memoirs of a Chimney Sweep David White


“Recently in 2015, I began to think that, maybe, with the year 1965 being 50 years ago, it is a good time to air them, especially on reflection, as I believe that 1965 seemed quite a pivotal year for me.”


The author has lived through the cultural revolution of the swinging sixties, to experiencing a feat of Boxing where he met Henry Cooper, back up, down, and around to joining the family firm in Chimney Sweeping. In these moving collections of memoirs and recollections, David sweeps through a very different time in Britain’s past, a post WWII shifting social structure, but without overlooking the power of unbreakable family bonds and community ties that stand long after time passes. Presently, this defining continuation further lies with his two sons now taking on the mantle of the family business, with even a grandson peeking through.

Excerpt from Introduction – Author Note

“As I enter old age, now is probably the time to exercise them from my mind. Of course, it’s not entirely possible to be completely rid of memories, as they are a part of you; for better or worse, they shape you, as to who you are. In fact, there are many other funny situations and characters left out of the mini book, because there is only so much you can write about without the project becoming a heavy plod, as I really want to keep it all light and flowing, focussing just on a specific period, mainly around and leading up to 1965. It would include schooling 1950s style, boxing, a parachute regiment and becoming one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It depicts the end of one way of life and the start of another…so buckle up and away we go!”

“The author really captures life growing up in the fifties and with some lovely photographers.” Amazon customer Review

“What a great read! Very interesting and entertaining to follow Dave on his journey from life growing up in the 50s to present day as a JW and the chimney sweep business. What a life!” Joanna Dyke – Amazon customer Review

About the Author

David grew up in Swanley, Kent. Writing about past events wasn’t something that had crossed his mind until comparatively late, whereby reminiscing on “stories that have played a part in my life” began a journey through a very endearing and interesting life, despite him thinking the opposite for a long time.