The Data Miners by Author Brian Terry


Brian spent many years in Research Laboratories in the UK, researching the effect of the structure of communication networks on their performance. He moved out of research and formed his own Consultancy Company to apply his theories to real life networks. He has been responsible for the design and operation of several UK wide networks and additionally international networks.

Since his retirement he has published his first novel and is in the process of publishing another. He also writes Poetry and has recently produced his first Anthology.

“The MINERS was most interesting and at times educational.” – Amazon Review

dataminersDr. James Grenfield falls in love with a fellow student at University. Her background is obscure but they live together happily for two years whilst continuing their studies. When James returns from a meeting with the MOD to discuss his research he finds she has vanished, leaving a cryptic note. To come to terms with this disappearance he plunges into work. He develops an entirely new bomb stethoscope using a different detection principle and he receives a request from NATO to help in training Bomb disposal officers in the use of his stethoscope. He has several abortive romantic episodes but the demands of their respective careers prohibited any permanent relationship. He joins a Research facility and meets Dr. Emily Hill, following a whirlwind courtship they marry but shortly afterwards she dies in a tragic accident. His grief causes him to leave research, he cannot continue, as it’s too painful. Everything reminds him of Emily. He is successful in supporting the police by assisting at crime scenes using devices developed from equipment he designed to assist his wife’s research. There was a horrific child murder on the Isle of Lewis and he was asked to examine the crime scene. In the process he discovers more graves. These are later confirmed as prehistoric and this leads to his involvement in a number of Archaeological projects, culminating in a major survey abroad. The results of the survey are earth shattering for the Country and for James.

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