Curious Characters Series of Children’s Books – AC Michael


AC Michael has written and illustrated a series of five colourful books for children and we are delighted to have review copies available for three of them.  Contact us for your review copy by clicking here.

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 “AC Michael’s The Donkey and the Skunk is a delight to read. It does make one chuckle as the rhyming verse leads the donkey from one fainting friend to another… This is a great story about tact, a lesson we all need to learn over and over again. Colorfully illustrated and told in rhyming verse, its humor carries the plot along.” – Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorite


Curious Characters Book 1

The Squirrel's FleaWhy did the squirrel constantly twitch?
And why did the cat always scratch its itch?

The dog thought it must have been a flea,
And the ferret knew it was impossible to see.

Then the doctor came to have a look,
Determined to squash the flea with his book.

But could the doctor find the little flea?
Read this book, and you shall soon see…




Curious Characters Book 2

The Donkey and the SkunkThe donkey’s stable was a terrible mess,
When it was last cleaned was anyone’s guess…

The walls and the ceiling needed to be painted,
But when it asked the sheep and the goat for help, they instantly fainted!

When the donkey opened its mouth to speak,
Even the smelly skunk collapsed in a heap!

The donkey asked, “But why can this be?”
Read this book, and you shall soon see…




Curious Characters Book 4

Cedric the Stealth CatCedric lived with Seamus on a boat out at sea,
Cedric said, “There isn’t a luckier cat than me!
“I eat fresh fish every single day…
“’The fresher, the better!’ as Seamus would say…”

But when their boat sank, Seamus drifted out of reach,
And Cedric washed up on a distant sandy beach.
Cedric called out for Seamus, and looked all around,
A tear ran down his cheek… He thought Seamus had drowned…

How could Cedric survive, now he was all alone?
Having to explore a land that was strange and unknown…
Cedric decided to change his ways…
But would he realise that crime never pays?

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Author Bio

AC Michael was born in Yorkshire, England and enjoyed writing stories and drawing cartoons from a young age. When not writing, his diverse interests range from hill-walking to gardening, and from watercolour painting to quantum physics. His favourite authors are Roald Dahl, Leslie Charteris and Ian Fleming.


AC Michael’s The Squirrel’s Flea: Curious Characters Book 1 is a charming story about yet another curious character, this one a flea. With colorful illustrations, the story carries the plot along with rhyming verse, divulging little tidbits of trivia information for the young reader to absorb. An interesting study in entomology for young readers.”Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers’ Favorite