Creativity: Nature and Us – Bo Jeffares Sekine




“How do we form our relationship with Mother Earth?

This question lies at the heart of this book.  Like me it has evolved like a snail.  It explores two loves: art and nature.  I have painted and drawn since I can remember, inspired by nature’s colour and beauty.  As a young child in Australia I was fascinated by dazzling exotic flowers, scented trees and intricate shell shapes.  I became increasingly intrigued by nature’s varied interactions and our own contributions to this complex game.

In ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy scientific enquiry and aesthetic excellence went hand in hand.  Not so when I was young.  As I took arts subjects I was not allowed to study biology.  So I compensated by exploring plant remedies, practical gardening, and cultural traditions which interpret nature intuitively, such as Chinese Taoism and the Aboriginal concept of Dream Time.

Starting to weave complimentary interests together, seeking holistic harmonies, I first sought areas where art and literature cross-fertilise.  I studied fine art, art history and art criticism, and wrote a book examining the role of artists in fiction.  Later, given a chance to write on European landscape painting, I wondered how we all relate to landscape.  How do we feel about the earth?  Why do we adapt earthly scenery to express imaginative ideas about heaven and hell?  This universal theme is explored more fully here.” – Bo Jaffares Sekine

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Author Bio

Dr Bo Jeffares Sekine has lived and worked in Europe and Japan. She explores environmental imagery East and West. Her experiences with literature and landscape, teaching, writing, gardening and painting have all sparked questions about our evolving attitudes towards the earth. Bo has exhibited internationally. Her large, colourful works are peaceful and optimistic.

  • Roger Fenna

    An old friend would like to re-connect with Bo. I am sure she remembers me well. Best wishes, Roger Fenna