Cool Jungle Adventure by Nikita Jamthe


Colour your journey through the jungle with Nikita Jamthe’s Cool Jungle Adventure, a colouring book like no other. With over 40 spectacular illustrations and unique explorer storyline, it is an absolute must-have for colouring enthusiasts of all ages.


Pack your things, board the jungle-train and begin your artistic expedition through the gorgeously illustrated pages of ­Cool Jungle Adventure.

Follow your fellow explorers and use the map provided to navigate your way deeper into the bush. Traverse the many rivers, canopies and clearings of the jungle and mark your trail with colour along the way. Throughout your adventure, you will encounter all kinds of exotic plants, insects and animals which need your help in adding a touch of colour to their world. Who said elephants had to be grey or that zebras couldn’t be purple and red striped? These are your discoveries, make them as rare and unique as you like!

Cool Jungle Adventure includes: 
42+ pages of non-stop colouring.
     * Jungle map to mark-off the places you have visited.
     * Helpful full-colour inspiration page.
     * Stunning free pull-out poster.

Cool Jungle Adventure is designed for all ages to enjoy. Beat the boredom and stresses of day-to-day life and join in the colouring adventure today!

About the book

Price: £9.99 (Paperback)
Pages: 64
Size: 216mm x 280mm
ISBN: 9781914078019

About the author

Nikita Jamthe is a 16-year-old author-illustrator from Berkshire. Her work is influenced by the illustrations of Quentin Blake and colouring-book artist Johanna Basford. She hopes that one day, her own designs will similarity inspire others to create art.

Nikita is passionate about all-things-art, it is her favourite subject at school and she loves experimenting with new styles of drawing and painting. Her family plays an important role in her life and are unwaveringly supportive of this creative flair. She currently lives at home with her mum, dad and older sister, and regularly sees her aunty who also lives nearby.

She created Cool Jungle Adventure in August 2020, completing its illustrations in a little over a month. Nikita has always wanted to publish her work in some capacity, but the motivation to do so this year stemmed from the desire to make others smile, following what has been a very challenging period for all: “I know that this time is tough for people and honestly, I just want to brighten people’s lives. I really think people can be really happy when they use Cool Jungle Adventure as its calming, fun and is a great way of fighting boredom. I chose to do a jungle journey as it’s not so easy to go on holiday nowadays so I wanted to allow people to go on holiday from the comfort of their home whilst using my book to set on a journey into the jungle.”

Follow Nikita’s artistic journey online, and learn more about Cool Jungle Adventure on;
Website: www.nikitajamthe.com
Instagram: @nikitajamthe_art



  • Rupa Joshi

    This book looks cool. You are right Nikita that the book is for all ages. Colouring is always fun, calming and therapeutic at any age. Great for mindfulness. I would love to grab a copy soon.