Conspiracy – Larry Jeram-Croft

Fast paced, believable thriller with high level conspiracies thrown in” – Ian

Conspiracy coverThe terrorist attack in New York on 9/11 starts a chain reaction that alters the balance of power in the Middle East.

Jon Hunt, having left command of the Formidable and newly promoted to Commodore, is thrust into the midst of events just as the allies invade Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.  But do they even exist?  Why is the British Government so convinced that they do?  Jon is given the task of finding them despite his personal misgivings over the war.  What he discovers is a conspiracy going right to the top.

Will he intervene to stop an even greater tragedy taking place?

This is the ninth book in the ‘Jon Hunt’ series based on the Royal Navy and events of recent years.

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Three years on since the first Jon Hunt story and this is still a ‘page turner’.  Great pace, good twists and intrigue to the end” – Amazon Customer


One of the most incredible naval stories that unfortunately the world has forgotten.

1803 and the Royal Navy dominate the Caribbean.  However, Commodore Samuel Hood is still short of ships.  Diamond Rock is a small volcanic plug in the sea south of Martinique and despite his men’s misgivings and against almost insurmountable odds he lands a garrison and places cannon on the top.

The Honourable Mathew Turner is in the Caribbean on a diplomatic mission and whilst in Martinique he falls in love with a local girl but they are forced to part.  On reaching the neighbouring island of Saint Lucia, the Royal Navy ask him to document the occupation of the rock for the British press.

After eighteen months, a French fleet finally arrives.  Napoleon’s wife was born on the Martinique and the Emperor sees the occupation of Diamond Rock as a personal insult.  In a ferocious battle, a handful of British sailors hold them off until their ammunition and water is gone.  For the rock’s Commander, James Maurice, it is seen as a triumph, for his friend Mathew Turner, it becomes a tragedy.

This story is based on a real events and to this day there is still evidence of the British occupation. As the rock was never de-commissioned by the British, whenever a Royal Navy warship sails past, the ship’s company are required to salute HMS Diamond Rock.

About the Author


Bestselling author, Larry Jeram-Croft spent thirty years in the British Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and engineer.  Following his retirement from the RN, he worked in industry for seven years before retiring, at  which point he and his wife bought a yacht and went to live in the Caribbean.

It was this experience that led to the idea for his ‘Jacaranda Trilogy’.  The novels are based on true events in the West Indies in Nelson’s time and provide thrilling and exciting stories for all who love the sea and sailing.

Brought up on the books of C.S.Forester and Patrick O’Brien, Larry was surprised that no one was writing similar stories about the modern Royal Navy, especially with so much going on in previous decades.  As he was himself a Lynx helicopter pilot during the Falklands war, he decided to start there, using his own extensive knowledge of the conflict.  ‘Sea Skimmer’ was the result; a book based on many true stories, the main one being why the Argentinian Exocet missiles failed to explode.

More books have followed.  The latest, Conspiracy picks up in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack on New York, and the subsequent allied invasion of Iraq.

Larry now lives in Matlock, Somerset and spends most of his time writing and playing golf extraordinarily badly.

Larry’s aim in writing has been to produce exciting novels that are based on fact and, more importantly, are authentic and give a true representation of what it is like to live, work and play in the Royal Navy of the times.

Keep up to date with Larry on his blog at http://sowethereyet.blogspot.co.uk/

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Sea Skimmer – Jon Hunt Book One

None of the Argentinian Exocet missiles fired during the Falklands war actually exploded.  This is factually true and there has never been a satisfactory explanation.

This book, although a novel, is based on the personal experiences of the author, a Lynx helicopter pilot, and many other true stories from the Falklands war that have never been fully told before.

So, how do you counter your own weapon system when it’s turned against you?  The Falklands war posed just that problem.

A cracking read full of action and adventure, introducing a great character in the form of Jon Hunt!” – cdblue

The Caspian Monster – Jon Hunt Book Two

One year after the Falklands war and the world seems a safer place.  Unfortunately 1983 is the year WW3 almost happened.  Staggeringly, it was only afterwards that the truth came to light, that the Russians actually went to full Nuclear Alert and came so very close to starting Armageddon.  To this day most of the worlds population know nothing about it.

Pulsating” – Rod H

Cocaine – Jon Hunt Book Three

America is being flooded with drugs and the US Coast Guard can’t find out why.  HMS Chester is in the Caribbean conducting trials and is tasked to aid a new anti-drugs Task Force. Helicopter pilot, Lieutenant Commander Jonathon Hunt and his Observer Brian Pearce become involved when it is decided that the war needs to be taken to the enemy. The strength of the British and American military is pitted against the ingenuity of the Columbian drug smuggling cartels and results in a dramatic confrontation off the coast of Columbia.

Weaves an enthralling story of Columbian drug smuggling and international counter measures. With a wealth of authenticity, his imaginative tale is highly convincing” – Dai

Arapaho – Jon Hunt Book Four

Beirut, a city in chaos. After their embassy is bombed, the British decide on a full evacuation and call on the newly formed 844 Naval Air Squadron of Sea King helicopters led by Lieutenant Commander Jonathon Hunt, to conduct the operation.

Really gets to the finer details about the bond, integrity, honour and trust within the military community, and the great sense of humour in adversity that they have” – Amazon Customer

Bog Hammer – Jon Hunt Book Five

The Gulf at the end of the eighties is a powder keg. The war between Iran and Iraq may be over but tension in the whole region remains high. Having been forced reluctantly to the negotiating table, Iran is still looking for revenge.

“Fifth in the series and thoroughly enjoying the development of the characters and the storylines.” – Nick Nicholls

Glasnost – Jon Hunt Book Six

Three days in 1991 that changed the world. Commander Jonathon Hunt has been appointed as Assistant Defence Attaché to the British Embassy in Moscow just as President Gorbachev’s reforms are causing a constitutional crisis.

Larry Jeram-Croft writes another cracker” – Bookworm

Retribution – Jon Hunt Book Seven

1995, the vicious war in the fragmented former Republic of Yugoslavia is moving to an end game. The United Nations have troops and observers in the country but are finding it impossible to act. Thrust into the maelstrom of rape, murder and ethnic cleansing, the newly promoted Captain Jonathon Hunt joins the UN Protection Force UNPROFOR and finds himself being drawn into the struggle.

“Another 1st rate outing for Jon Hunt” – Chez

Formidable – Jon Hunt Book Eight

HMS Formidable is the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier. Captain Jonathon Hunt has been given command. He has the uphill struggle of getting a new and untried machine of war into service and then is almost immediately faced with a major crisis.

“Formidable indeed … another excellent romp” – Amazon customer