Each written in verse in both English and Portuguese &
beautifully illustrated by Polish artist Malgorzata Wrona-Morawska

Plumrosa & Pinkin new


Plumrosa & Pinkin:  The book tells the story of Plumrosa, who’s round and curvy like a bun, and her sister Pinkin who is really thin like a pin, as they embark on a magical adventure after eating a peculiar piece of pie.


Old Zak new



Old Zak:  Follows the adventures of 100-year-old Zak as he goes for a ride in the country on his strange and wobbly old bike, accompanied by his faithful dog, Mutt.  The discovery of a colourful cushion brings a hint of magic to the tale.

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About the Author


Rosamund Gale was born and lived in South Africa before moving to, what was then, Southern Rhodesia to start her career as a nursery school teacher.  Although she loved Rhodesia, Rosamund wanted to see more of the world and moved to Canada, where she planned to stay for a year.

Her stay was extended and Rosamund not only continued her teaching career, but also her own studies, gaining an M.A. in history.

It was also during this time that Rosamund’s interest in writing really began to develop, and she struck up a friendship with Nora Robson following their meeting at a writers’ conference in Montreal.  The two decided to join forces and write a book together and historical romance, Uncertain Heritage was the result.

As retirement neared Rosamund decided it was finally time to leave Canada and she settled happily in a small village in Portugal where she lives today.

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About the Illustrator

Malgosia 2Malgorzata Wrona-Morawska was born in Tychy in Poland. A graphic designer specializing in illustrating children’s literature. 

She embarked on her drawing adventure as a young child, and then realized her dreams by graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Graphic Arts in Katowice.  Malgorzata earned a diploma in painting and in book design. 

Currently working freelance, Malgorzata has illustrated several books and magazines, and deals with graphic design. She has cooperated with publishing houses and newspapers.  

Malgorzata is fluent in graphic programs – mainly CorelDraw!, Adobe Photoshop,and InDesign. She also enjoys painting many different subjects using oils, although sadly has little time for this.

Malgorzata loves dogs and, along with her husband, has adopted two, both of whom always accompany them on their holidays.


  • Sonyah Bramble

    Hello, Ms Gale is a good friend of my grandmothers and the Bramble family. She is actually my sister Shantale’s godmother. We sadly lost contact with her after she retired to Portugal. Any contact information for her would be greatly appreciated. My mother Thelma would love to speak with her. Even if it’s as simple as passing this message along. Thank you in advance, Sonyah Bramble

  • admin

    Hello Sonya, I'm afraid we cannot give out contact details for our authors, unless they are already publicly available. I have, however, forwarded your message to Rosamund along with your contact email address. It's so lovely to be able to reconnect people who have lost touch. I'm sure you will hear from Rosamund soon. Kind regards, Publishing Push