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The Muchly Fed Up Tortoise


Florence Remmer’s second volume of enchanting short poems, all charmingly illustrated by the author, is due to be published next month available now.  Children and adults alike love Florence’s timeless style.


Florence says of this new collection;

I thought I had scribed all their stories
And made their shenanigans plain,
But the animals, insects and fauna…
…Have gathered around me again!

They thanked me for telling their stories
And begged me to scribe for them more.   
I had thought they were done, but on harking their tales     
I was just as Amazed as before.

Bejewelled Giraffes; A pneumatised Mole;
Dim Book Worms with nothing to do;
A militant Aphid; A high flying Pig;
Oh I’ll fain pass their new tales to you.

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The Muchly Fed Up Tortoise and More NonSuch Poems

About the author

Florence Remmer picFlorence Remmer was born in 1933 and lived through the terrible bombings of Bradford during the second world war.

She went to work in the mills at the age of 14 before meeting and marrying a soldier and becoming an army wife.  Florence and her husband went on to have 3 children, one born in Accra Ghana, one in Bunde Germany and one in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

In 1979, once the children were grown up, Florence achieved her early ambition of becoming a nurse and she worked in Riyadh Saudi Arabia for two years

After the sad loss of her husband 22 years ago, Florence began writing poems and stories, although she had always enjoyed weaving tales for her children when they were young.

Florence’s first book, Tales from Tulgey Wood was published last year and has been very well received.  She subsequently published her first collection of poetry, An Ostrich Explains and Other Nonsuch Poems which is also doing well.  The Muchly Fed Up Tortoise and More Nonsuch Poems is due for general release next month now available.

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The Muchly Fed Up Tortoise and More NonSuch Poems


The Mole and his New Digger (snigger)

A go-ahead Mole decided one day
To hone up his dig digging skill
So he traded his old trusty Spade in
For a shiny brand Pneumatic Drill

moles spadeOh! he couldn’t contain his excitement
As he pressed on the thingy marked ‘go’
(But ah! there’s a line twixt an old trusty Spade…
…and a Pneumatic Drill, as you know)


As he naively gripped on the handle
The Drill gave an up and down dive,
Then set off at speed, like a piston
With the Mole clinging on for dear life.

Now, I cannot say how his dig ended
As the last thing I heard from the Mole
Was a scream and a whoop as he vanished
Down a Pneumatised five fathom hole

Moles New Digger

Praise for Tales From Tulgey Wood

Adorably magical story as the reader enters Tulgey Wood… With the characters of the animals that bring the magic to the story, it’s a great read, for children of all ages.”Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

What a very talented writer this lady is. I read a story to my grandchildren every time they come to stay and this is the book they always pick”Doreen Russell

A highly imaginative author shares the magic of animal and fairy tales with the reader fortunate enough to purchase this lovely little book. Adults too will appreciate the winsome style of Florence. A charming read.”Lynnie

What a delightful read. A proper, good old fashioned set of stories for children. It doesn’t trip up over itself trying to be ‘trendy’ but just relies on the magic little children can make with their imagination when they come across a whole new set of fairy tale friends. There’s nothing not to like in this book, except that it ends too soon!”Amazon Customer

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The Muchly Fed Up Tortoise and More NonSuch Poems

Other titles available from this author

Tales from Tulgey Wood

Tales_From_Tugley_Wood_ebook_Tulgey Wood in Plymouth, UK, is a truly magical place with a little secret path that inspired these stories. If you take five little steps to the right of the path, there is a pebble with an arrow pointing inward to the wood, follow it down ….you will hear little tinkering sounds as you walk down. Don’t be afraid , it is only Digger Mole and his pals digging…..you will notice the grass seems to grow higher and when it reaches about near the top of your head you will see an opening, all grassy, and you will know you have reached the little village of Tulgey and all it’s magicalness ….such lovely and merry and unbelievableness …..off you go in merriment. Find Misses Mole and Mouse and Sly Cat. Talk to the whispery trees, and Blue Owl and anyone else you will meet in this secret magical village.

An Ostrich Explains and Other NonSuch Poems

8.25x8.25_BW_80_ostrich_ebookAnimals, Insects and Fauna
All have a story, you know
When they asked me to hark to their stories
I smiled, but I couldn’t say no

Well, putting my best pen to paper,
And scribing their every shy word,
I fast became filled with amazement !!
As their stories began to unfurl…

A Dieting Turkey!, Pianist Sloth!
Snails wearing Cobblerised Shoes!…
…querulous Maggots! Indignant Gnats!
Oh, I’ll fain pass these stories to you.

The Muchly Fed Up Tortoise EBOOK





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