Coming soon: The City that Barks and Roars – J.T. Bird


An anthropomorphic detective delight.

The City that Barks and Roars is the imaginative detective debut from the comic talent, JT Bird. This intriguing ‘animal noir’ uniquely merges crime, creatures and comedy into a thrilling book with a humorous bite that makes it stand out from the crowds.


Welcome to the remarkable world where walking-talking, crime-solving animals rule… they hit cafes for breakfast, work a standard nine to five and fritter evenings away at jazz clubs. But, paradise is a distant dream and devils pound the ground amongst angels. Lucas Panda is missing and clues on the riverbank suggest he was probably kidnapped. Meet Frank, a hard-boiled penguin and the finest detective in town. His new partner, Chico Monkey is a wise-cracking detective dressed to impress in the sharpest of suits. And, when three more creatures are reported missing, the stakes are raised and the citizens of Noah’s Kingdom face extinction. Can the grouchy bird and plucky ape save the city or will evil prevail?

Superbly constructed and insanely original, The City that Barks and Roars bears all the hallmarks of being written by an award-winning comedian. From the beginning, the author pitches his punchlines and storylines with precision, creating a menagerie of mystery with all the best bits of the Jungle Book, Chinatown and Watership Down rolled into one unmissable story. More than your standard mystery, each chapter combines the author’s comic flair, clever wit and adventurous streak into an entertaining and gripping read. With its ingenious anthropomorphic slant, The City that Barks and Roars packs an unbeatable and outlandish punch with its weird and wonderful cast of cunning creatures and puzzling conundrums.

The author succeeds at delivering an eccentric detective work of fiction with an exotic cast of zoo characters and all the fun of the circus. This is an exciting book that perfectly balances crime thrills and comic spills into an all-consuming and entertaining who-dunnit that captivates readers. It will easily appeal to an audience of any age and attract fans of animal fiction, adventure and crime.

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The City that Barks and Roars is now available for pre-order from Amazon  
Price: £7.99 (Paperback); £3.99 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 235

Praise for The City that Barks and Roars

“I loved the different personalities! Frank was a gruff old detective along the lines of Sam Spade. Jake Bear (polar) was another tough old guy. Chico was the rash newbie who thought he knew everything. Salvatore Bulldog was an old crime boss. It was a good mystery with well developed characters. Lots of chuckles along the way! Will there be a sequel? I hope so. Highly recommend!!!”

“I really liked the author’s quick witted style of writing it made for an enjoyable read. This is an old time animal crime mystery, that takes place in Noah’s Kingdom, inspired from the origins of the story of Noah’s Ark. Definitely a fun and unique concept for YA and adult readers.”

“…a diverse group of people can enjoy this fun, imaginative work. Overall, I like this book a lot.”

About the Author
JT Bird (AKA Jimmy) is an award-winning stand-up comedian from North London where he lives with his wife and child. In his ‘spare’ time, Jimmy runs Birdies, one of the capital’s most popular haunts for up and coming jokers. However, Jimmy took a break from the heckling crowds to focus on becoming an author – a far more peaceful endeavour! His cosy Hampstead flat sits neatly between the former homes of HG Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson so there was just a little pressure to write something wonderful. The City That Barks and Roars (will not disappoint any literary masters) is his brilliant debut novel and combines his love for humour, film noir and anthropomorphic animals.

Excerpt from Chapter 3 – Bon Appetit

‘I’m gonna be honest, Mr Fox, this is disgusting,’ yells Ruben, wading through sticky flooring, past piles of rotten pots and manky pans, to inspect a cauldron bubbling over a fire in the corner. ‘I hope those cars you sell are in better condition that your home?’
‘Cooking something?’ asks Yuriko, spotting the bubbles.
‘Oh yes, just a spot of lunch. Soup,’ replies the bag of nerves.
‘And what type of soup would that be, Mr Fox?’ says Ruben, sniffing his way around the room.
‘Fish, fish soup of course.’ The suspicious tenant wipes his clammy palms down the tweed jacket, followed by another cameo from his utmost smile. Sweat trickles down his head and into his furry brow. ‘It’s extremely hot in here, isn’t it,’ he remarks, finding an excuse for his sudden perspiration.
‘You seem nervous’. Yuriko can smell fear racing through the fox’s veins.
‘I just sell cars, I’m a good citizen, this is madness. In fact, I really think you should leave now.’
‘Mind if I try the soup?’ replies the rat, stirring the cauldron slowly with a long iron ladle. Ruben peers into the steamy liquid, slightly concerned by what he might find. ‘I don’t believe it.’ The rodent shakes his tiny pointed head with disbelief.
Nothing. No boiling bunny, no victim left to simmer, and no crime committed in the kitchen – unless you believe the cooking of haddock to be a sin. The cauldron reveals nowt but a stew of fish and carrots. Maybe the fox was innocent after all?
‘Are you happy now?’ asks the fox, with hands on hips and a brief burst of confidence.
Thud. It came from the bedroom.
‘What was that?’ Ruben scampers across the syrupy floor of the kitchen and heads for the noisy bedroom.
‘I didn’t hear anything. It’s nothing. Can you please just leave?’ insists the fox.
The bushy tailed salesman dashes after the rat in a state of panic. Yuriko calmly follows. Ruben bursts into the bedroom with his claws both primed and ready. He spins around, checking the area’s clear; thankfully, there’s no unwelcome scoundrels hiding behind the door. Fox and wolf promptly join him, barging through the door simultaneously.
‘There’s nothing to see in here, this really is madness.’
Yuriko doesn’t waste time dragging open an old mahogany wardrobe which is stood beside the Fox’s messy bed. Inside the decrepit piece of furniture, much to the shock and horror of the officers, lays a frightened postman pig. He’s tied up with rope and there’s a juicy apple stuffed in his mouth to prevent any screams for help (it’s illegal in these parts to eat someone that talks. Stick to fish, veg, nuts and seeds to avoid the local jail).
‘Wanna explain why there’s a postman in your wardrobe, Mr Fox?’ asks Ruben bluntly.
The fox looks set to attempt an excuse but swiftly abandons the idea in favour of running away. He shoves the wolf into the wardrobe, before taking the rat in his mouth and flinging him against the wall. Ruben slumps to the ground, while Yuriko leaps to her feet and gives pursuit.
The guilty fox bounds down the corridor with the route to freedom locked in sight. What he can’t see however, is the grey wolf rapidly chasing behind him. As the vermin reaches the top of the staircase and prepares to jump, Yuriko buries her teeth in his tail. He lets out a howl, as he’s helplessly dragged back to his festering home – his hopes of avoiding punishment dashed and at a painful end.
Yuriko lets go of his hindmost part, but only once they’ve arrived back at the doorway of apartment 58. She pins the whimpering creep against the wall.
‘Now you go prison,’ she declares firmly, still catching her breath. The fox spins around, his head slapping against the wall while he’s secured with Yuriko’s handcuffs.
‘I’m a good citizen, truly I am!’ cries the fox. ‘But he smelt so good. His belly, oh please let me taste some boiled belly. Or a juicy leg, mmm the legs, at least allow me a nibble on a leg. It’ll be our little secret– .’
‘Rule number one,’ shouts a dizzy Ruben, wobbling out to the corridor. ‘Thou shall not eat thy neighbour.’ He rubs the nasty new bump on his head.
‘I’m a good citizen,’ mutters the fox to himself, as Ruben leads him away.
‘Good citizens don’t cook their postman-.’