COMING SOON: Mr Darcy – Secrets From the Top, Caroline’s Journal: The Beginning



Caroline’s Journal, the erotic romance book, will soon be available on general release with the first book in the series, The Beginning, available at the end of November

Caroline is a high-powered executive in a demanding job. She has always put her career first but throughout all of her relationships; she has felt like a trophy on someone’s arm. This is a story about the awakening of her innermost desires and the realization that it is not only a man’s world but that women have a huge part to play in it. Her journey starts the day she realizes that she will take men on at their own game and play by her rules. Along with her close friend and personal assistant Elizabeth, they set off on a journey that will have you living through all the adventures. From their busy corporate lives, dealing with huge takeovers and mergers, to taking you to new heights of sexual desire and strength of mind and character, you will be so consumed that no matter where you left off in the book, you may re-evaluate your own life to see that there is more of Caroline or Elizabeth inside you.

Start living from the masquerade ball through to holiday adventures in Scotland and Greek islands and boardroom mutiny. You will follow her journey and realize that there is nothing stopping anyone at all from living their lives on their terms. This is a story of sexual awakening, self-exploration, desires and fantasies. It embraces the bravery of a lady who disregards any stereotypical names society has given anyone and live the way she wants to live without holding back.

Jump on board for a ride that will take you to points of complete ecstasy and personal development from the very first page.


About the Author

Mr Darcy is a creative person who has always written fantasies for people and was persuaded to put it all into a book series, after a few years of research the author put pen to paper and started on a journey that would open up the minds of women for them to realise that not only are they all special but they all have the choice to stand up and be in complete control of their own lives as well as sexual desire.

Mr Darcy has always had a creative flair and with that has always been able to express himself without worrying what others would think as he is aware that everyone has their own opinion and he cherishes each and everyone’s feedback.

He is an outgoing guy that likes to live life as much as possible and has experienced a lot of different cultures and has endeavoured to encapsulate as many of them in his writing.

He spends his days walking his dog and taking notes on how people interact so that he can portray it in his writing so that the people that read his books will feel as if they are actually living through the eyes and action of the characters, he dares any lady to read this novel and not live vicariously through one of the main characters.

Connect with the Author 

What advance readers are saying about Caroline’s Journal:

“What a charismatic read!  If Christian Grey was what every guy wishes to be then Caroline will take every woman on an emotional and sensual ride and have them enthralled in her life.” – Rachel Harding-Hall

“She creates a Bucket list which is filled with tantalizing erotic sexual escapades that most of us women have fantasized about, but have been afraid to express… The author’s portrayal of Caroline will give women around the globe the courage to express and explore their desires… It will change the way you look at your life in business as well as your desire, this is a book every woman needs to read.” – Patricia Randolph

“The author seems to really understand the struggles modern day women have, trying to find balance in their lives both emotionally and physically… This book gives women the ‘green light’ to step away from reality and indulge themselves in areas of their lives they have been reluctant to explore before now.” – Miss Claire Rudd

“A great insight into a woman’s mind” – S Patrick

“Mr Darcy uses his words so fluidly that you will often catch yourself in your own private daydream as you escape reality reading his work.” – Corin Gadsby




  • Kay

    Please provide an ARC of the upcoming release (Mr. Darcy) along with the publication date and details and I would be happy to review for my blog. regards, Kay

  • Kim

    Hi Kay, Thanks so much for your interest. We'll arrange to get an ARC of the book out to you and look forward to seeing your review.