Coming soon: Lyrics of Lockdown – Vicki Bamber


Inspirational poems created day-by-day during lockdown.

Lyrics of Lockdown: A Shamanic Journey of SoulShare by Vicki Bamber is an uplifting collection of poems and illustrations created from the confines of Covid. This is the first published work by a gifted poet who has drawn on her role as a Shamanic and Reiki practitioner to produce an original and enchanting book.

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Lyrics of Lockdown expresses the writer’s spiritual and physical journey through lockdown across 31 stunning pieces. Each poem is an individual chronicle of hope, penned in the midst of the Covid crisis presenting the writer’s thoughts at that particular moment in time. The book opens with ‘Citrus Clouds’, beginning a wistful birdsong of words which welcome readers to the ongoing themes of love, life, nature, unity and healing:

“Freedom speaks here in the stillness
As bird voice takes upon the air.
Bringing gifts of solaced wholeness
On the sacred breath we share.
It is here I feel our collective care.”

In essence, this soulful collection is personal, heartfelt and always meaningful. Inner thoughts expand out, offering deeper layers that explore our shared emotions of fear, grief and bemusement. While acknowledging the collective despair and challenges of lockdown, there is a continuous air of optimism. In ‘As Mother Earth Heals’, nature has been gifted an opportunity to breathe again and recover:

“No longer toxic, our clear skies
Space only birds and clouds steal.”

Such gentle seeds of hope, regeneration and rebirth seep through each poem. In ‘A Candle’, heat and light emanate off the page with soothing words that spell out positivity:

“It will warm up the darkness you can’t reach,
Gently allowing the pain to unfold.”

From start to finish, there is an upbeat, graceful flow of energy that emerges from each passage. Despite the fear and unknown entity of lockdown and what the Covid crisis might mean, the poems epitomise the potential of people and nature to heal as we navigate the future and step outside again, as the final poem ‘And Now?’ explains:

“Through nature’s beauty
My heart lifts.
I step outside
To soothe my mind”

These inspiring poems are odes to a shared and threatening reality, a nod to the unknown and an awakening to a new way of interpreting the world. Melodic and moving, powerful and passionate, this is a beautiful collection. Lyrics in Lockdown recognises a crisis but pays homage to the natural beauty of the world and to the healing power of love and faith. This is a tender triumph created during unprecedented times, personally portraying a world on pause.

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Recent Review
“As I journeyed through the poems, written daily during one of the most bizarre situations humanity has ever been forced into, Vicki’s poetry holds a thread of light throughout. Although the poems hold many depths, they also flow over you like butterfly wings. Mighty wings that soar us to new heights. To hold such heart-space when the world around is gripped in fear, is testimony to Vicki’s Spirit and Faith. Sweet words envelop genuine concern, pain and hope that the human Spirit can triumph. Inspiring all of us to ‘ BE THE CHANGE’.” Billy the Celt, 12th Chaired Bard of Glastonbury.

About the Author

Vicki Bamber has written poetry all of her life. Lyrics of Lockdown is her first published collection. She is a Shamanic and Reiki Healer as well a Professional Photographer. She lives in Bristol, the UK, with her husband and twins.