NEW RELEASE: Life on Top – A.D.Hutchinson



3d life on top

Randi is an attractive lady who dreams of the nice things in life; a beautiful mansion to call home, a fast car in the drive, and designer clothes in her closet.

When Randi’s cousin becomes an air hostess, Randi watches as she kits herself out with Hermes bags and Jimmy Choo shoes, dreaming of the day when all of those things can be hers.  What Randi doesn’t know is that it is not an air hostess salary keeping her cousin in the best of her needs.

Randi decides to use her good looks and active libido to create the lifestyle of her dreams.  Using the gifts that God gave her, Randi amasses a huge fortune, and has a lot of fun while doing just that.

But when it comes to love, who has what it takes to make her behave?

Based on a real event combined with an imaginative plotline, LIFE ON TOP is a real page-turner that will keep you wanting more – just like Randi’s acquaintances.



“Agnolletti alla Betta what the hell is that?” Mel was still concentrating on the menu.

I shook my head and flipped the menu to the back. “I don’t know. Let’s just order wine, and then we’ll ask the waiter for a recommendation.” I ran a finger down the list of Cabernets and Merlots, hoping that I did not accidentally settle on something rare. Mel had turned her attention to the other diners.

Those who had finished their meals were smiling pleasantly at those who just arrived. It was a secret smile from the rich, an acknowledgement of a kind ship in an elite group. Mel and I got a few appreciative looks, we were hot, young women dressed to the nines, but it did not include that special smile. I could almost see as the eyes frosted over the moment the woman in the pearls and the man in the Gucci suit realised that we were impostors, pretending to blend into their special club.

All of them so high and mighty. Mel grabbed her goblet in an angry gesture that made it spill down its frosty side. “I’ll show the bastards what high and mighty is, just you wait!”

I laughed in appreciation. Mel and I had always been close and at times like this, it seemed our minds linked. “Wow Mel, you aren’t even pissed yet and you’re talking like that.”

She smiled through a sip of her water, her temper cooled.

The waiter arrived and offered a complimentary glass of the house wine. We accepted and hoped this was something they did for everyone. We did not stick out that much did us. Mel and I made it through the awkward hesitation of wanting to order something delicious but having no clue as to what we were doing. The waiter was kind and kept smiling at Mel, so we took his recommendations and sat back to wait.

We sipped the wine. It was pleasant but too sweet for my taste. I watched the diners, trying not to gawk. The large part looked to be executives who were far more engaged in their dealings than with the food or drink. They had passed on wine and gulped from tumblers of scotch.

A lovely couple was seated in the corner, but the view blocked by a decorative partition between our table and theirs. It seemed they had chosen a private corner on purpose. She was a stunner, with cropped blonde hair, 1920’s style, a pert nose and pouting lips. A little black number with silver accents displayed her nymph-like body with perfection. The man was dressed impeccably in evening attire. His long, curly hair was a ponytail. He had an Italian look to him, but mostly he just looked as if he was dripping with money.

A touch on my hand brought me back to our table. Mel was leaning across, her hand on mine. She had a serious look in her brown eyes and I worried that she was truly regretting her choice to come here. “I swear if it’s the last thing I do, you’ll be one of these people.”

I pulled my hand away, surprised at her intensity and the fire that burned behind it. “Mel. I am only an air hostess. They get paid well, but not enough to fit in with this lot.”

Mel lifted the serviette to her lips, “Fat lot you know it was not just the salary I am talking of don’t you know what Rebecca said about allowances, incentives, bonuses? Moreover, the tips, those really add up, especially in first class. In addition, she said when you work overtime you are paid double your ordinary salary. Twice, sis can you imagine that?”

I thought of Mel having to take unemployment benefits, and my own salary and tips from the café. We are blessed, we had a nice little flat, and we were independent enough to move from our parent’s home. Nevertheless, we had had more than a few months of needing benefit help in order to pay our housing.

“It’s just a matter of knowing the right people and getting on their good side. See, Rich? This is your beginning and your time to put yourself forward.”

“You mean you think I should— “

“Yes!” Mel grasped my hand again. However, I wanted to pull away. What was she saying? She was the big sister, yet she was putting this on me as if I would solve all our problems. I wanted to help, I could not wait to fill my bank account and spend money on Mel and on our parents, but the responsibility of it, the weight that Mel’s tight grip was implying made me shaky. I pulled away again, twisting out of her grasp. Our cousin Rebecca had gotten wealthy from air-hostessing, but she had left everyone behind when her life changed. Was Mel worried I would do the same?



Life on Top contains some adult content