OUT NOW: Get Savvi – Rita Chowdhry




In life you need to be ‘Savvi’, and this book epitomises the principles, inspired from the author’s real-life case studies, that you need to know to encourage achieving in the face of adversity, eventually leading to success.

“I believe that success comes in many guises. In my story and in those of my clients – and, hopefully, in yours – success means personal happiness, loving relationships, good health, career satisfaction, wealth, charitable giving and a nurturing spiritual life.”Preface and Acknowledgements

The book follows characters Zara, an unfulfilled wife, Jay, a successful businessman, and Arun Sharma, a self-entitled son, (based on the true stories of her clients) on their respective journeys through what are known as the Savvi Principles:

S-Self Awareness,

A-Achiever’s Mindset,

V-Values and Beliefs,

V-Verbal Communication

I-Inspire and Motivate.

By citing examples of SAVVI achievement by such people as Lord David Blunkett, Jasminder Singh (Chairman of the Edwardian Hotel Group), Nicky Morgan MP and Raj Kohli (Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police), as well as other well known, influential people, Rita is able to clearly demonstrate the success that can be achieved by being SAVVI.


Excerpt from 1. Self –Awareness. The Story of the Unfulfilled Wife

Two weeks later, Zara Sharma telephoned me; she sounded anxious and unhappy, nothing like the charming, self-possessed woman I had met at the awards night. She had called wanting to learn more about my practice methods and whether they could help her troubled son. “We gave Arun every opportunity, but now, at the age of 26, he’s not making anything of himself. He’s late for work – sometimes he doesn’t even make it in. Though he’ll get out of bed for a night out partying, or flying out to the Balearics with his friends. All they’re interested in is chasing the next party or girl, or shopping for cars and designer clothes. And of course, we end up paying for it – in every sense.”

Zara went quiet for a moment. “I don’t know what to do. I don’t recognise him anymore. But deep down, I know he is a good person. He thinks he’s fine. He says it’s just me worrying too much.

“I wanted him to come and see you, but he refused. What can I do to help him change?”

Listening to Zara on the telephone, I recognised the behavioural traits: she was preoccupied with worrying and overprotecting her son, and was spiralling into a state of negativity. Although Zara asked for my guidance to help her son, I explained that my techniques could only help the individual who actively sought help to make a change in their life. Arun would have to come to see me himself. Furthermore, Zara could not solve her son’s problems; she could, however, learn to channel her energy, her emotions and her time into the areas of life that were within her control. Once she started to look at herself and her responses to situations concerning Arun, she could begin to foster the change she desired in her life.


About the Author

Rita is the founder and award-winning coach and trainer for ‘Savran Coaching & Consulting Ltd’, aiming to help organisations have a better understanding of its people and teams to accelerate performance.

Rita has worked with numerous types of clients from board of directors to shop floor employees. Passionate about giving back, Rita involvs herself with a lot of pro bono work including mentoring young people from UpRising Leadership and Creative Access.

Some of her awards include Best Coach of the Year 2016 at the Best Business Women Awards and Small Business Coach of the Year 2016 at the International Coaching Awards.

Rita has also written articles of a similar nature, providing important advice on some of her top tips and observations of living your best life. One example is titled ‘The Glass Cliff – Why are women more likely than men to be appointed leaders in ties of crisis?’

Rita is married to her husband, Jeff, and together they have 3 children, a son, Reece, and two daughters, Leah and Anya. She speaks three languages, Punjabi, Hindi and English. Through pesonal strength in the trials and tribulations she has been faced with throughout her life, the strength and knoweldge she has aquired taught her lessons that she now wants to share, not only in her business capacity, but now too, through the medium of books.

Excerpt from Rita’s Story

“After I embarked on this personal and professional journey, I sat down with Jeff and our children and explained to them what I had learnt about myself, and that I now had a template, which was not only helping me to steer my growth, but was also forming the basis of what I was coaching others to do. I wanted my family, particularly Jeff at that time, to support me on this journey.

I knew that if I was changing, there was a risk that we wouldn’t stay aligned, which has always been our strength. Seeing the positive impact of the personal development on me, Jeff of course wanted to share in and support the experience, so we applied the SAVVI principles to our goal-setting, our values as a family and our communication.

I particularly wanted to share one of the main lessons I had learnt: keep worrying and you are supplying energy and direction to your problem. Doing so merely feeds the problem whilst sapping energy required to create solutions.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Your beliefs become your thoughts; your thoughts become your words; your words become your actions.” If your outlook is positive, your actions become positive. The same mantra applies if your outlook is negative! So, by focusing on the positive, you will always thrive.”