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Zaire, a world damaged by a fatal asteroid, is now on the brink of obsolescence.

Osana, a malicious king from Zaire, is told that his will to live has run its course. He is told many things to survive, save his clan, and world or so he believes.

Kavon Newman, a 4-year-old boy, is stripped of his childhood. He is put through “changes in his veins” beyond human control as long as Osana is involved.

Desmon Newman, father of Kavon, struggles with his mother and family as he is hurt by his mother’s actions. The family goes through a rift of emotions as Desmon is torn by the loss he experienced; to which no one understands.

The Newman family goes through ups and downs, with twist and turns between each other and Kavon’s condition.

The day of the eclipse will decide the fate of Osana and Kavon, as bloody tensions rise until there is only one creature standing.

What could possible get misconstrued?

A fantasy drama trilogy that will take you in strange directions and places; wondering what may happen next.

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Osana walked back through the pillars with pride on his shoulders. Everyone within his chambers clapped for him, but fear clearly showed on their faces as they imagined what he might do to them.

Elder woman, Maida, met him along the red carpet. She was an inch shorter than Osana and her body was smaller, yet she was fit with grey streaks in her black hair. She wore a long silky grey leaf dress with crystals around her neck.

She held her hands together as if she were praying. As Osana walked past her she spoke to him, “Your Majesty, I have grave news.”

He continued to walk to his throne and said, “Is that so? The last time you had ‘grave news’ it turned out to be false. How can I trust you again, Maida?”

He sat down at his throne and took a deep breath, waving to his servant girls to come to him. They ran over to fan him and give him water through a leaf straw.

“The last time was a misinterpretation of the stars.” She looked down.

“Whatever you are about to say needs to be accurate, or your soul will be mine,” he said, balling his fist.

“Yes, Sir. This news will ultimately shock you.”

“Go on…if you must.” He opened his mouth for a grape to be fed to him.

Maida paced back and forth. She took a deep breath and turned to him.

“I don’t have all day elder woman…” Osana huffed, clearly aggravated.

“Can everyone leave?” she asked, rubbing her hands together.

“Why so distressed?” Osana wondered aloud.

She looked directly into his eyes and said, “This is for your ears only.”

Osana paused and stared at her, unable to figure out her motive.

“Fine!” He stood up. “Everyone leave until I ask you to come back!” he yelled across the room.

All the male and female servants left abruptly. They left through the side doors and openings but never the front door—that was not for their kind. Osana sat and stared at Maida, tapping a few fingers. The doors shut for the last servant woman. Then the tall front doors closed with a loud bang. He sat back in his throne and put his hands together.

“Go on, fair lady,” he commanded.

“I have seen the future in different angles,” Maida began.

“What is it?”

“The time has come for you to make some choices.”

“What kind of choices?”

She paced back and forth.

“Come on, spit it out!” he said impatiently.

“Long ago, you were given a great power by an asteroid, but now that power is diminishing. Have you felt weak lately?”

“I am never weak!” He stood up, rage simmering behind his eyes.

He turned to the side of the chair with his back to her and closed his eyes.

Suddenly it’s as if he’s in a different place. He remembered his ribs were hurting just a few days prior. On that day, he felt like killing some “non-working servants.” He remembered how he felt, taking their bodies and sucking their souls out, eating their hearts like sandwiches, just to keep the pain away. He opened his eyes and took a silent breath.

“I think you know what I’m talking about!” Maida suggested.

“How would you know?” He looked over his shoulder at her.

“I am Maida. I can see past, present and future but not the final result.”

She paced left to right once more and looked him directly in the eyes. “With brains of thoughts, we are able to make choices for ourselves. Those choices change the future every day.”

“What are you saying?” He swiftly turned around.

“You know exactly what I am saying!” She took a step closer to him. “You have killed innocent clan members and for what? So, you can stay alive?”

“You speak as if you know me.” He sat down.

“I know what this power brings. The fiery-red asteroid didn’t give you power alone. It gave it to me and a third, but it has not manifested itself yet.”

“So this ‘third’ is going to kill me? Is that why you insist on these choices I must make?”

She smiled and took a step towards him. He stood proudly with his arms crossed.

“No your first choice is to live among this land and die with us as your powers deplete.”

“I am not weak!” he yelled and the ground rumbled.

Maida turned her head up defiantly, looking at him with gleaming white eyes.

“Why can’t you see your flaws? You know killing our clan members is wrong, but you continue to do it.”

He opens his arms and said, “I am Osana, and I was given this power to command those to serve me and take their lives to be more powerful. Be the leader I am supposed to be for my clan. The asteroid needed me to fix these helpless monkeys.”

“Only if all of that was true!” She shook her head. “You are blinded by your desire to rule.” Her eyes lost the gleaming light and returned to normal.

Osana growled and sat in his throne with an arrogant face.

“You mentioned choices. What is the second?” he pondered while stroking his chin.

“The power you hold has been misused. To keep the power, you must fight for it,” Maida said.

“Who must I fight?”

“That I cannot say, but you will know when the time comes.”

He growled and grunted, unhappy with her lack of explanation.

“I can say you must place the ring of fate on his soul, wait for him to become renowned, and fight him to the death. Whoever wins comes back with the power and leads the clan.”

Osana stared at her and pondered her words for a few minutes. He rose to his feet and went to stand in front of her. She looked him directly in his eyes. He returned her gaze without a blink.

“How do I know you are not lying to me?” He stared into her grey eyes.

“I have only failed you once in our lifetime with this power. I am certain this is true.” She touched his chest.

He looked at her deeply, attempting to find any falsehood in her face. He grabbed her head gently and kissed her. She closed her eyes, and they kissed passionately.

He opened his eyes, and they glowed red. Slowly, he began to extract her soul. Suddenly, she could feel the intensity of their kiss shift, feel the power shift from her to him. Her body began to weaken as he tried to kill her. She opened her eyes, glowing white. She pressed his rib area where he has been in pain, knowing that’s where he was most vulnerable. He let go of her and stepped back.

“You detest me? How?” he yelled, holding his side.

“I loved you once, Osana…before all of this!” Maida cried.

“Give me enough to show me what you see,” he demanded, furious.

“Never! What I see is a king that is on the verge of misfortune.”

“You are next, Maida,” he laughed, “Or you will show me.”

“There is nothing more that I can show you.”

She stormed off through a side door, leaving Osana alone and bent over holding his rib cage.

“Oh, she will give me what I desire.”

His breathing became harder as he clutched his side.

“Servants!” he roared.

The servants rushed in and helped him up, guiding him to the throne. They grabbed the leaf fans and water to make him comfortable.

“I will get what I need from you, Maida.”

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Author Bio

IMG_6379Marcus J King was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, US.  Mr. King first found a love of writing in sixth grade.  After giving up Power Ranger toys, and grounded for excessively playing video games, the craft came alive. In that moment he found his love for imagination and freely allowing his thoughts to erupt on paper. He had no entertainment for fun and freedom with limited friends in 1997 and struggled with bullying for being different.  He turned to writing as a means of escaping to a bigger world, while dealing with society.

After graduating from Churchland High School, Marcus took a break from going to college to focus on what he wanted to do with his life.  Struggling with hardships and difficulties with friends and family, he decided to take hold of his destiny and aimed for his career in writing with Southern New Hampshire University for a Screenwriting and Fiction Writing Degree.

Marcus is currently working on upcoming books as a self-published author.  He writes fiction books (fantasy drama, drama, romance, gay drama), screenwriting, poems and memoirs.

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Instagram: @authormarcusjking
Twitter: infamous_kalel

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