COMING SOON: Bad Babygirl series – Zoe Blake



This is a dark romance daddy dom series.

There are no sweet hugs and kisses from these domineering daddies.

You have been warned.

The Hacker (Prequel)

Daddy’s going to own me.
I knew hacking would get me into trouble one day, but not like this. 
Kidnapped and held captive in a military compound, I’m forced to endure a humiliating exam, then I’m held down and branded with the number thirteen. 
Just when I think my captors have pushed me to the end of my limits, I discover there’s worse to come. 
A man forcing me to call him Daddy.
He’s going to make me submit to him.
The more I fight, the more he likes it.

The Con Artist (Book One)

If I have to hurt her to get what I want… I will. 
No is not an option. 
My little con artist is about to learn I run my criminal enterprise with an iron fist. 
She is no exception. 
She will do as Daddy tells her or there will be pain. 
Little does she know how much I will enjoy inflicting it. 

“Oh, babygirl, I haven’t even begun to take all that I want from you.”

* * *

He has me trapped.
He knows too much about my criminal escapades already.
If I don’t play his game… by his rules… he may discover he’s not the only one with blood on their hands.
I just need to survive this one con… then I will disappear.
There’s just one problem.
I’ve never been very good at obeying the rules.

The Thief (Book Two)

I will stop at nothing to get the information I need. 
No matter how much she fights me… I will win in the end. 
My little thief cannot steal away, I don’t care how hard she tries. 
Daddy’s in charge now. 
She either follows my rules, or there will be consequences… painful ones. 

* * *

I’m in danger. Someone is stalking me and my friends. They’ve already killed one of us. 
I’m getting ready to run when he shows up.
I hate every domineering, arrogant thing about him but I especially hate how he makes me feel.
There is no way I can trust him.
I need to escape… to disappear. 
There’s just one problem.
Wherever I run… he finds me.

The Expert (Book Three)

I control everything about her life… she just doesn’t know it. 
Despite her dangerous profession she has an air of naïve innocence. 
It makes her weak, vulnerable… easy prey for a man like me. 
Until now, I’ve been content to stay in the shadows, but someone has made a deadly mistake, they have threatened what’s mine. 
My little one is about to understand that Daddy is done watching. 
It’s time I claim my babygirl.

* * *

I’m the most sought-after gunsmith of criminals and celebrities alike.
They call me The Expert.
It’s crazy to think my life is now threatened, not because of what I do, but because of something from my past.
Then one of my clients comes to my rescue.
There’s just one problem… he’s a contract killer.
I might have just traded one danger for another.

Note: This is a continuing series and not stand-alone stories




For weeks… he had followed her. Watching. Learning.

He had intimate knowledge of every facet of her life: from what brand toothpaste she purchased, to her favorite pizza topping to the way she licked her lips when she became nervous.

For weeks… he had followed her.



He now knew her better than she knew herself.

It was time.

Chapter One

A bead of sweat slid down her slender neck to trickle over the curve of her breast before being absorbed into the fabric of her sports bra. Today she was wearing a small pair of black shorts and a dark pink tank top with a scooped neck which showed a tantalizing peek of her baby pink bra underneath.

He liked when she wore pink.

The soft color emphasized her femininity.

Her vulnerability.

He watched as a bumbling gym attendant moved close and placed his hands on her waist. Mumbling about having to check the fastening of her safety belt, he was too busy eyeing her breasts to see her raise her knee. Tilting her foot upward, she slammed the heel down on his toes. The pathetic man yelped as he fell backwards.

He smiled as she innocently asked if the gym attendant was okay, all the while not even trying to hide the knowing smirk which curved her lips upward.

That’s my girl, he thought.

After giving her harness a reassuring tug, she stepped up to the two-story rock wall and began to climb. He watched the play of sleek muscle stretched under golden skin. How each limb gracefully extended from one secure notch to another. The quiet power of her movements coupled with her innate confidence made her intoxicating to observe.

Her long chestnut brown ponytail swished back and forth each time she swung her body from one handhold to another. The bright afternoon sun streaming in from the overhead skylights gave her locks a lustrous glow.

He loved her hair. Loved watching her brush the long wavy length after a shower or how she would toss it up into a messy, lopsided bun when she needed to concentrate on a task. He could still picture how it looked fanned out on her pillow, falling in soft curls about her face as he stood over her bed.

Yes, he loved her hair. Too bad they would have to cut it all off. Long hair would not do for what he had planned for her.

After she reached the top of the interior rock wall, she began her slow descent. A younger, less experienced climber stepped on her hand, causing her to lose focus… and her balance. She fell backwards. Her slim frame was jarred by the sudden pull of the harness around her waist, bowing her body.

He took a determined step forward before ruthlessly checking himself. He could not risk being caught on the gym surveillance cameras interacting with her. It would put all his carefully laid plans at risk. With clenched fists, he was forced to watch as the same asshole gym attendant began to slowly lower her to the ground. A little too slowly for his satisfaction. Only the thought of breaking the gym attendant’s neck in the parking lot later tonight appeased the tightening pressure of displeasure in his chest.

He watched as she was suspended above the ground, secured only by the harness around her waist. Visions of what he could do to her prone body as she hung helpless flashed before his eyes.

His cock swelled.

Soon enough he would have her under his complete control.

Pivoting the moment her feet were safely back on the floor, he left the gym.

His careful observation—as usual—went unnoticed by his prey.


About the Author

We are all attracted to the forbidden, addicted to the rush we get from reading something naughty. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The powerful lord who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The cowboy who takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The Scottish laird who prefers to make love in the wild. I write those romantic fantasies.”

USA Today Bestselling Author in Dark Romance and Horror and Amazon Top 100 Author, Zoe Blake, has over thirty published books to her credit.

Although Zoe admits to being a big fan of the Victorian classics, citing the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Edith Wharton and Henry James among her favourite authors, she enjoys the freedom to explore more extreme characters and storylines offered within the dark romance genre.

Zoe splits her time between her home in Chicago and her ‘writing cave’ in Grand Rapids, MI.

“There is something delicious in our desire for the corrupt, our ravenous appetite for the brutal, the profane, the unspeakable. The taboo. I write the type of books that give you a frisson of unease; that will have you questioning your own resolve as I take you on a dark ride of twists, kinks and perversions of both the flesh and mind. Enjoy the blush and tremble as you read each decadent word.”

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