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26th January, 2021

Enlightening book shares the value of spiritual guidance and cosmic conversations

“A fascinating easy to follow book of Christine’s personal experiences with Spirits, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Avatars and Guardian Angels, Angels and Archangels. She explains simply how it all works in the spirit world and brings messages of comfort, healing, love and joy to all who read it. Her ability, commitment to spirit and her compassion shine through and she ends with practical tips on how you can connect to the other realms and bring messages through for yourself. A truly inspiring read.” – Joylina Goodings angel expert, and author of the acclaimed Your Angel Journey a well as a number of other spiritual books. 
Christine C. Snowdon’s illuminating book, Love from the Universe is the welcome sequel to Snowdon’s book, Angels Love, which explores cosmic communications that have never been depicted in print before.

In Love from the Universe, the author describes her personal and inspirational conversations with Cosmic Beings, including the Arcturians, Arcadians, Ashtar and Galaxy Collectives. Her book invites readers on an incredible journey to the 42nd dimension, an unknown and unexplored part of the universe…

As a well-respected spiritual guide, medium and healer, the author is open to the influences of the angelic and spiritual realms whether she is writing, meditating, practising angelic reiki or simply going about her daily business (when spirits often make contact in human form). This empowering book is packed full of interviews with celebrity spirits and inspirational real-life stories of angelic contact. With an engaging and warm style that addresses the readers directly, each chapter ends with an uplifting spirit lesson or note to inspire.

Sharing her techniques for communing with spirits and angels, the author introduces one tactic as a “… grounding of energies I use myself and a method of Invoking the Angels to bring extra healing energy to yourself.” During past-life regression sessions (chronicled in the book) the author describes her unique ability to call on gifts gained in previous lives into the presentAnd, in the book’s final chapter, she addresses the all-encompassing question, “Where does the soul come from.

Love from the Universe’s underlying purpose is to reveal real ways of communicating, of being open to its possibility and the comfort that comes from channelling messages from the spirit realms. The author wants the reader to benefit from the lesson that “Power shifting will bring satisfaction in individuals on a soul level…

This book is therefore an education on the validity and value of spirit communication, “They talk to mediums such as myself to help us bring more light and love to our planet to help us all through these difficult unprecedented timesIt has been proven by healers, therapists and lightworkers that these powerful energies are here ‘for the good of All’.”

In essence, Love from the Universe is an enlightening and inspirational book about spiritual love, mindfulness and wellbeing to help readers open up their ‘inner and higher’ selves to “send Peace, Love and Harmony to our surroundings and help remove negative energies and add more healing to the world.”

This book will appeal to readers of: Miracles, Spiritualism, Mind, Body and Spirit, Religion, Philosophy, Social Sciences and Meditation genres.

Advanced Reader Copies of Love from the Universe and interviews with the author are available on request.
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Price: £9.99 (Paperback); £3.99 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 280
ISBN-10: 1914078438
ISBN-13: 978-1914078439
Published by: PublishingPush.com

About the Author

Christine C. Snowdon is a Psychic Medium, Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master, Archangel, Angel Guidance Counsellor and Spirit Channel. Christine was at San Francisco Airport when she first met an angel in disguise, “I had no money to buy a tortilla before boarding the plane back to England when a blond-haired woman wearing a white Stetson hat and full white cowgirl outfit appeared at the table. “How many dollars do you need?” she asked me.

I replied, “About 20 dollars, but I can’t take money from you.”

She said: “Hold out your hand.” I did and she put 20 dollars into my hand. I looked up and she had completely disappeared. Angels can appear in many disguises when we are in need!

In another message, Christine’s mother’s younger brother, Albert, had served in the Royal Navy on HMS Hood. He told her as a spirit exactly how he died at only 18 years of age.

Describing herself as an ordinary person, Christine has developed psychic abilities that were dormant until around 30 years ago. As well as Love from the Universe, Christine is also the author of three popular and successful books: Touched by Angels, Angels Love and Heaven Knows Why which all go some way into explaining her remarkable background, her own experiences of communicating with the spirit world and the value of delivering powerful and healing messages to people on earth.  Christine’s book Heaven Knows Why is a teaching guide about Angels and how anyone with a little regular sincere input can contact their own Guardian Angel and Guide.  Meanwhile, Angels’ Love includes conversations that took place during readings with clients who were at a crossroads in their lives needing resolution with their deceased relatives. 



  • Ina Luttjeboer

    Love from the Universe is an excellent book for beginning spiritual readers who want to access information about Love, Light and Healing. The book refers to past live regression sessions through hypno therapy, angel guidance, mantra\'s, colour healing and reiki. The red thread of the book is to stay in your loving and open heart to accomplish a life filled with boundless miracles, abundance and inner peace.