Children’s book takes a magical look at the tree of life


Press Release

8th March, 2021

Children’s book takes a magical look at the tree of life.

Sam and the Magic Tree by talented author, Rachel Bolton, is an inspirational children’s book overflowing with adventure, nature and positive energy.

The beautiful land of Amazonia suffered an ecological and emotional demise after being invaded by the Mopheads. Seigfreid, the dwarf from underground crystal caves and friends who live upon the land devise a plan to restore love and light to their world. Meet walking talking trees, inter-dimensional unicorns, Primrose the fairy and so many others. Discover how love and light are so important for the health and wellbeing of everyone and everything. A story that is so important for our world today!

Superbly written for its younger audience, Sam and the Magic Tree is an enchanting easy-to-read book with friendly talkative trees that instantly engage readers. Its captivating story embraces the spiritual healing power of nature as well as the many wonders of our planet.

Brimming with magic and intrigue, this charming story succeeds on every level; it ignites children’s imagination, reinforcing the pleasure in both reading and learning. Its valuable message is to listen to nature and find the harmony that is hidden there for the good of both our health and happiness. Sam and the Magic Tree is a compact children’s book with a big vision.

Review Copies of Sam and the Magic Tree and interviews with the author are available on request. Contact us here for details.

An audiobook of Sam and the Magic Tree is due for release soon.

Price: £8.95 (Paperback) or £3.99 (Kindle Edition)
Pages: 56
Publisher: Balboa Press UK
ISBN-10: 1982281537
ISBN-13: 978-1982281533

Recent Reviews:

Sam and the Magic Tree is a magical and mystical story. A pure delight. You find yourself immersed in a luminous world full of mythical creatures. A healing journey in finding the light, restoring and reconnecting to the beauty and love of the land and nature. A tale for our times. I would love to be able to buy 1,000 books and walk through my neighbourhood posting them to all, sharing the love and messages that are so needed to everyone right now.’
Penny Brenner – Devon

‘If you could get this book into a primary or middle school curriculum with teachers explaining the meaning of each chapter, I think we’d get another step closer to healing the planet.’
Georgie Lamb – Northampton.

‘Rachel Bolton has woven a sacred web of magic in her book. This delightful book reminds us of the magic of life and is a stunning allegory of our human plight on earth.’
Michele Meiche California – USA

‘Very well constructed book for children, very magical and earth friendly ideal for those who wish their children to learn the importance of looking after and nurturing our planet and a great child bedtime story book.’
P M Robin

About the Author

Rachel Bolton was born in London in 1969. Rachel is a successful author, artist, spiritual teacher and a psychic channeller of healing energy. She heals people and animals and has over twenty years of experience. She has a passion for hand-sculpting clay and embodies her sculptures with healing energy that can be felt by others as they look at them, even in picture form. Many of her sculptures manifest as unique elementals that have a life of their own.

Rachel has a deep love for Mother Earth and all of her nature. She lives at the foot of Dartmoor in the UK and spends hours walking her dog, Kit up on the Moor, in the wood and by the rivers. She is a mother to Sam who at the time of publishing this book turned 17 years of age. Sam’s education has spanned mainstream school, forest school, home education as well as a progressive democratic school.

Rachel wrote Sam And the Magic Tree as “a voice for the world of elementals and all of nature”. As well as writing inspirational books, Rachel is on a self-professed mission “to sell one million copies of my self-published book and donate 50% of the profits to charity”.

For more details, please visit www.rachelbolton.life