Charles Marshall – The A-Z of Mental Illness


“Must Read.  Lots of great information, thanks to the author who wrote this book.” – Amazon Customer



This is the first short information book of many in the A-Z of mental illness series. This book is written for people suffering or wanting to know more information on anxiety.

In this book you will find information on what anxiety is, what it’s like to suffer from it, what the symptoms are, treatments available and where you can go to for help.


This short information book was written by someone who suffers from anxiety on a day to basis.  You will start to get a feel of exactly what it is like to suffer from anxiety and how it actually affects people on a day to day basis.


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For more information on matters of mental illness, visit Charles’ website – http://authenticmentalhealth.com/ – which was created to provide information and help on various mental health conditions.

The site also contains links to the Authentic Mental Health blog – with many useful articles on dealing with mental health, and forum where users can discuss problems and ask others for advice.