Charlene Wexler’s Murder Across the Ocean is both a classic murder mystery, and a book that breaks the mold.” – Bill B


American widow, Lori Brill, thought she’d have an uneventful vacation

Lori travelled to London to visit her Granddaughter, Cate.

At the airport she ran into Josh, her high-school boyfriend. This resulted in an unexpected night of passion in a London hotel.

Lori was all smiles as she stepped out of the shower the next morning, until she saw Josh’s bloody corpse lying in the bed.

Who killed Josh?

Find out in Murder Across The Ocean.

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“I inhaled this book!! Ms. Wexler’s writing style is so unusual that you just can’t help yourself but continue to read this book, to find out how the story unfolds!”Peggy Roberson


Lori stood in the shower feeling sensuous and alive as she enjoyed the spray of hot water cascading over her body. She ran the bar of floral scented soap over every part of her skin, appreciating the fullness of her breasts and the mature expanse of her hips. She lingered longer than usual; it had been a long flight to London yesterday, and a rather physically challenging, but wonderful, evening. Remembering how she’d spent the night, she blushed at the thought of the wild sex she’d enjoyed—too wild for her years—and of how his hands and mouth had tenderly caressed her whole body.

She shrugged off her momentary embarrassment and, humming happily to herself, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower into the bright morning sun shining through the small bathroom window. As she reached for her towel, she heard a sudden pounding noise coming from the adjacent bedroom. She dismissed it as nothing more than the sound of room service bringing breakfast.

Lori ran her tongue over her lips and smiled while saying aloud, “Josh.” Gazing at her reflection in the mirror, she realized she glowed. Yes, she thought, last night with Josh was almost as wonderful as the senior prom. At that moment, she felt like a teenager again instead of a seventy-year-old grandmother.

She toweled and then dabbed herself with Chanel No. 5, put on her expensive flowered silk dressing gown, slipped on her complimentary hotel slippers, and stepped out of the bathroom into their luxurious suite in the world-famous Palace Hotel.

Her eyes immediately stung from a smoky cloud hovering in the air; her nostrils twitched from the thick metallic scent of blood. Fear grasped her entire being. She slowly edged farther into the room while cautiously calling his name.

“Josh? Josh!”

He didn’t answer.

Slowly, she approached the bed, then stopped cold, gasping in disbelief. Bright red blood spattered the rich tan-colored wall and the mahogany headboard, continuing down to the unmade bed where Josh’s body hung over the side of the mattress. White bone and gray-red brain matter dripped from the side of his head, staining the white silk sheets and the lush beige carpet. A burst feather pillow, also besmirched with blood and gore, lay on the floor.

Lori fixated on Josh’s face; a shower of white feathers clung to his forehead and cheek. Where once was a beautiful blue eye, there now appeared a mangled, bloody hole. It took a few moments for her mind to gather this information, process it, and allow a scream to escape.

Once she began screaming, she was unable to stop.

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“Charlene Wexler’s Murder Across the Ocean will keep you guessing as Ms. Wexler leads you through layers of intriguing shrouded family history on the way to solving who murdered Lori Brill’s long ago teenage crush… Ms. Wexler’s mystery is filled with colorful characters and a terrific storyline that will keep you engaged, including a love triangle involving granddaughter Cate and also a promise of love for the long-suffering Lori… the book is a good solid satisfying read and Lori a plucky intrepid heroine, and one audiences will love to rally behind and cheer on.” Leigh Podgorski

About the Author

Charlene WexlerIn addition to Murder Across the Ocean, Charlene Wexler is also the author of Lori, Elephants In The Room, Milk and Oranges (winner, eLit Book Awards competition and Grand Award from Communications Concepts), and Murder on Skid Row (winner, Apex Award from Communications Concepts).

Her work has appeared in several publications, including North Shore Magazine; the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry’s Vision magazine; Alpha Omegan magazine; and the Gazette newspaper of Chicago.

She has had essays and fiction published on the websites AuthorsDen.com, The Best Short Stories, Booksie.com, Classic Short Stories, Cat Stories, Cats and Dogs at Play, End Your Sleep Deprivation.com, Funny Cat Stories, Funny Cats Playing, Funny Passport Stories, How Old is Grandma?, Laughter Is My Medicine, Make-Up Mouse, Moral Short Stories-Ethical Tales, One Bright Star.org, Scribd.com, Short Stories for Women, Short-Story.net, True Cat Stories, Way Cool Dogs.com, and the Write City Magazine.

Poetry of Charlene’s appears on Poetry.com.

Whether she is tackling fiction or essays, Charlene writes from the heart. With a keen eye for detail and a way of looking at the world a bit sideways, her writings entertain while they make you think.


Just who killed Josh you won’t believe. Just why you might understand. How it all ties together you will have to read for yourself.” – Amazon Customer

  • William Bike

    Really liked this book. Great heroine--a 70-something woman who is sharp and sexy.

  • Kim

    Thanks :-) Glad you enjoyed it