Chaise to the Death – @BradMelaAuthor


Man, did I love this book. There’s a lot of good suspense as the heroes and villains chase each other around the countryside, and once things kick into gear, the book has all the momentum that the title implies. Mela also finds that sweet spot of giving you just enough historical tidbits to appreciate the time and place, but not turning into a scholarly treatise that slows down the action.” – Jake


‘The Post Chaise Chronicles’ series is set in England during the late 18th-century when the world is going through some of its biggest changes in history. The monarchy, politics, industry, the face of Europe, and more, they are all on the wheel of evolution.

Why should it bother Henry ‘Harry’ Kiser and his family? It’s all a million miles away. But all of that is about to knock at his door and threaten to bring his house down. The question is, should he answer the call and take the dangerous commission? There’s far more at stake than missing a delivery date.

The Kiser family run the inn and the independent postal service in Bath. The Royal Mail is their biggest competitor, but now, the Government and half of Europe looks to be threatening for a fight. Harry doesn’t have a lot on his side other than some old Army friends and a trusty hound.

Follow his journey on a trail of death and disaster, but you’d better stick close; even Harry doesn’t know where he’s headed.

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Author Bio

Brad Mela

Brad Mela was born in London, England, during the 60’s and used to play amongst the bomb craters in the high street before scrounging vegetables from the local market men and cakes from the kindly old ladies in the bakery – he’s still got those puppy dog eyes – to squirrel home for mum.

An avid reader from a very young age and a insatiable thirst to know about our history has always been his passion. A student in history and classical studies, it’s only natural that his imagination has vented into becoming a Historical Fiction author.

Breaking away from his main career as an IT consultant, he is working on his first series of novels set in England during the late 18th century. It draws on the political and industrial turmoil of the age and involves a particularly complex character, Harry Kiser, who is a humble Post Chaise driver for the local Brewery.

He still resides close to London with his wife, family and two dogs, he still finds time to play his one-man band’s worth of musical instruments and keep himself active with a variety of sporting pursuits.

* * *

“By far the best part are the characters, both big and small. I started off unsure how much I liked the protagonist, Harry Kiser–he seemed a little bit too much the generic roguish antihero in his first appearances–but he deepens impressively as the novel goes on: his PTSD, his growing sense of responsibility for friends and especially family, and his touching love for animals. The villains are impressively hate-able (especially a mysterious foe from Harry’s past, Bragg), and there’s lots of memorable minor characters, like the kind middle-aged lady who likes to cop a feel on Harry and his friend as they transport her.”Jake

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