Celebration at the Anthill – Margaret Carrick


You Are Cordially Invited to a ‘Celebration at the Anthill’.

‘A family of ants throws a party in the forest to celebrate a very special occasion.
You are all invited.’


“Really beautiful story with a moral to it. Wonderful colourful pictures and not too long to keep the kids interested.”

“A beautifully written and illustrated book. My 6- and 3-years old boys loved it and got them in the garden searching for ants and creating their own stories. Would definitely recommend.”
Amazon reviews, February – August 2019

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It is an ant-led jamboree, full of forest festivities that burst into the imagination. New-born ants meet the Queen, followed by dinner, even a concert! As one would expect, this Queen has some words of wisdom to impart on her guests. In any ant community it is teamwork, with the forest and with each other, that will lead to success.

Valuable guidance partner effortlessly with the adorable illustrations within each page’s own stanza.

Celebration at the Anthill is a delightfully illustrated story for the whole family, beautifully exhibiting the wonders of nature through a bug’s social life, Margaret Carrick expertly paints out a colourful portrayal of her ant colony, one that provides a unique twist on the perceptions of nature offered to young children learning about wildlife for the first time.

Educational and engaging, each group of ants depicts a unique personality, and together it fits together to provide a moral undertone, as well as a drive to find out more, to the end of the book and into the real world.

Appropriate for any age, but new-born to kindergarten-aged readers will particularly enjoy this heart-warming insight into the antics on Anthill. Would recommend for any parent looking to engage their children in nature and the environment.

In her writing, Margaret hoped her verses will touch readers’ souls.

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About the Author

Author Margaret Carrick was born and raised in Poland. Here she remembers the traditional values that marked her childhood, including the boundaries one would expect to have as children. Memories that are particularly potent are the fresh homemade meals prepared everyday and later, the bedtime stories that have since been passed form one generation to the next.

At 17 years old, she took the time to write poetry, often as a change of plan from doing the homework she was set in school. The interest in poetry came a lot earlier. As a child poetry would exist in the form of her memorising long poems to recite them back at various performances.

Her career has seen her in the role of a Primary School teacher in Poland before settling down in England, where she now currently resides. Presently, she works for a cosmetic company and in her spare time continues to write poetry and books for children. As a mother of a grow up son, she is very concerned about some of the material children of today read or watch. She therefore will always try to make her stories as pleasant and safe for them as possible.

Celebration at the Anthill is her 4th book in line from its 3 predecessors: ‘The Autumn Dance’, a story of the autumn leaves dancing in the wind (April 2017), ‘The Christmas Dream’, a short Christmas story with a sweet ending (June 2017), and ‘Self Portrait’, a beautiful poem dedicated to Vincent van Gogh (October 2018). All available on Amazon.co.uk.

 Margaret Carrick has been twice nominated for Poet of the Year by the International Society of Poets and has received a number of Editor’s Choice Awards.