Cast Adrift by Mannah Pierce


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419EzZn2wuL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_“I really started to love this world and am looking forward to more of it.” – M. Sabine

Cast Adrift is the first part of a science fiction saga set in an interstellar world of the far future where Earth is merely a myth. Ean is queen of the Willow, a small ship with a Traditional crew who live in space and trade between the stars.

Suddenly Tre, the laid back crew enforcer, is demanding that they dash to one system to pick up cabin boys and then divert to another to recruit an adolescent who is utterly unsuited to spacer life.

Who is Jax? What is Rae?

Why is the most powerful individual in Known Space interested in Kip? Most importantly, what is Tre up to?

Biography of Mannah Pierce

When I was fifty-five a doctor told me that I was dying. Everyone is dying but my personal timescale had moved up. Instead of my encounter with Death being in the far future it was within three years.

I have always enjoyed fan fiction, from imagining new stories for others’ characters, through the variety of published fiction based in the Star Trek universe, to the explosion of fan fiction on the web.

Top of my bucket list was getting one of my stories published. I chose Cast Adrift, the first book in my Arcana series. In 2015 I published Cast Adrift, the first book in a space sage. It is available as an ebook from the usual retailers.

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.