We are going to be creating more case studies to document our marketing packages and how they operate. Crucially we will be highlighting the process and the results attained. Some initial points to clarify right away:

  1. There is a delay between when the campaign starts and when reviews are received.
  2. Bloggers, reviewers and journalists need time to read the book and of course, write their reviews. In addition, they will have a queue of books to read already. 
  3. It takes time to get to the top of this queue. Working with us helps speed up the process but it can be a couple of months from the first contact to review, interview or feature being posted. 

Isobel Purchased our 40 Day Digital Essential Package to aid the launch of her book A Better Life. See has currently received 17 reviews and features. 

You can see a couple of the blog posts at the following links.

Raggle Fraggle Reviews – Took a copy of the book from us and posted on their own blog as well as the Amazon sales channel. 

Linda’s Book Bag Interview and Feature – Also took a copy of the book from us after we pitched her and she kindly interviewedIsobel. This gave Isobel a chance to dive deeper on the inspiration for the book. 

Were these all the opportunities secured? Of course not! A further 7 reviews and features have been secured bringing Isobel’s total to 9 and the process is still ongoing. We shall update here as things progress for her. 

  1. Linda Hill – review & feature

  2. Padawan Raggle Fraggle – Review

  3. Denise Sparrowhawk – review

  4. Angela – review

  5. Helena StoryRoom.co.uk – review

  6. Jude VerveMagazine.co.nz – review

  7. Merania Karauria Nzme.co.nz – review/interview

  8. Lindasbookbag.com Linda – interview/feature

  9. Sophie.marak@outlook.com – review & interview

There will still be more to come and we will update this article as it progresses but wanted to share some of the opportunities secured so far. This is not the traditional media package and thus journalists, media, TV, radio and newspapers are not being pursued.