Business @ The Speed of BOTS – Tony Walker


Boost your business with best-practice intelligent automation

Tony Walker is an expert on artificial solutions, robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA) and his impressive book, Business @ the Speed of BOTS: How to Implement Intelligent Automation that Scales, is essential reading for any business decision-maker keen to reduce hours and cost per task, while increasing accuracy, compliance and customer satisfaction, irrespective of industry sector.

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As the successful Founder and CEO of Lean IA, this book is recommended for anyone introducing RPA and adopting Lean IA’s proven AEIO YOU method into the fabric of their companies, strategies and teams. The well-structured, step-by-step guide will help streamline businesses and support practitioners to empower their teams, optimise their processes and discover new technologies that really work.

From a commercial perspective, rather than just a technical one, Business @ the Speed of BOTS has all the answers for optimising automation to boost your company and ensure continued success in the new age of digital transformation. With a reported 50% of RPA and IA solutions currently failing and only 1% of businesses successfully scaling their automation, the insightful guide is a well-timed and welcome publication for everyone hoping to implement the best practices of RPA. And, with companies spending (and risking) millions of pounds on devising poor RPA and IA solutions, investing in this book will help businesses save money and increase revenue.

Business @ the Speed of BOTS supports readers to navigate transformation and implement new technology by learning from industry leaders, such as Guy Kirkwood (chief evangelist from UiPath, Director of conversational AI company Artificial Solutions) and other RPA, IA experts and renowned CEOs. In turn, each chapter covers the entire RPA lifecycle from idea to implementation, concluding with a recommended scalable intelligent automation. This is an invaluable teaching tool to support business leaders to scale up, discuss tools, techniques, roles and responsibilities.

Business @ the Speed of BOTS is an attractive resource for CTOs, COOs/operations directors, change managers, automation directors, automation teams, consultants, project managers and business analysts working with RPA and IA. It is also of relevance to related technology divisions, including: process mining, RPA development companies, consultancy firms, RPA vendors, RPA recruitment firms and IT trainers.

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About the Author

Tony Walker is Founder and CEO of Lean IA, the virtual consultant, that provides 24/7, on-demand analysis, guidance and advice to global teams new to Intelligent Automation, on how to implement automation in a scalable way. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, an RPA Business Analyst/Project Manager by trade, though an Aerospace Engineer and Financial Analyst by training. Tony has helped set up and mature both Design and Support CoEs and worked with some of the world’s largest consultancy firms to help client’s get bots up and running and ensure that they run smoothly with the right controls. Tony has worked in Insurance, Aerospace, Utilities, Fintech and Asset Management firms and is always keen to share his and his network’s experiences, insights and visions of the future.

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Business @ the Speed of BOTS: How to Implement Intelligent Automation that Scales by Tony Walker was published in October 2019 and can be ordered from www.amazon.co.uk.
Price: £29.99 (paperback) and £9.99 (Kindle edition).