Bullying for Beginners – Sarah Hussain


How organisations benefit from a culture of bullying and harassment and a practical guide on how to be a bigger Bully



“Intelligent, funny and passionately heart-felt. A book about work-place bullying for the twenty-first century.”

Social critique and anti self-help manual this is a comic examination of how the work place Bully goes about his or her business, constantly avoids consequences, and thrives within a blinkered organisation that accepts this behaviour as ‘normal’.

Holding up a distorted mirror to society, this book will enable managers and workers to see the true nature of the culture in which we work. It throws the spotlight on a subject that is prevalent in every aspect of our society today but one which is, too often, never confronted.

Bullying for Beginners also breaks the silence – using a tragi-comic perspective – that has long protected the Bully and the culture that supports bullying practices.

This brilliant exposé will have the workplace bullies quaking in their boots.


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“Although coming out of personal experience and circumstance, this is a great analysis of a behaviour that is all too common in many spheres of life. The quotations and references are valuable as a stand alone resource.” – A Customer



If you are considering becoming a workplace bully or are indeed already practising bullying behaviour at work and wish to improve your technique, then this is the book for you.

Here you can gain a better understanding of the culture of bullying and harassment prevalent in the modern workplace, demonstrate how you can thrive and prosper as a bully in this environment and acquire useful tips and advice on how you can bully your way to success and contribute to sustaining the culture.

However, before you continue – a simple warning.  While you do not need any qualifications, relevant work experience, skills, education or people skills to be a bully, bullying is a full-time occupation.  There is no such thing as a part-time bully.  Bullying is a tool wielded by the incompetent in service of mediocrity, and therefore the undeserved sense of power you will gain as a bully can have a dizzyingly addictive effect.  In devoting yourself to bullying, you will not have time for personal development, improving your skills or finding the scope to do any actual work.  But as a successful bully, you will have people to do the work for you, cover for your mistakes and clean up the mess you will inevitably leave in your wake.

So take a moment now to decide if education, learning, professionalism and people skills are important to you; if the answer is no, then keep reading!


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