Build A Relationship With Your Readers


How do you create a loyal fan base? Justin Bieber did it with the ‘beliebers’ and Nicki Minaj did it with her ‘barbz’. Why do they have a loyal following who support and most importantly purchase all their products?

It all comes down to a relationship and a connection. For better or worse they share everything. You have the same tools available as these huge celebrities. Of course the marketing budget is different but you can still scale an effective relationship with your readers. Now what I am about to say is going to seem counter intuitive but bear with me.

One-To-One Is Critical For Building Relationships At Scale.

Here’s what people miss:

The benefits of the one-to-one paradigm are not linear. They are exponential. By focusing on adding value to people privately, others are more likely to be loyal or share their experiences publicly through their social media.

Messages in the broadcast paradigm are becoming increasingly less effective. The amount of content that people share every year is doubling. This means that there is more and more content competing for the same amount of attention. One-on-one messages from people that know each other are more likely to get through than average content sent to a group.

One-on-one interactions create deep relationships. Social psychology research shows that a key to deep relationships is perceived partner responsiveness, which consists of being understanding, validating, and caring when listening to others. All of these are best communicated through one-on-one interactions.

So allow me to finish with an example:


A little under an hour later, after sharing his mailing address privately, Daniel Bentley received the following package at his apartment:


Are you connecting with you readers?