Bringing Your Values Out to Play – Debra Corey



‘Values help prepare us for moments that we don’t even know are coming, giving us energy we no longer have (or think we have) to get us to our destination.’ – Debra Corey

Book Synopsis:
Company values can be one of the most strategic tools a company has, helping to shape and guide the behaviours and actions of their workforce towards achieving the company’s mission and purpose. However, according to Gallup, only 27 percent of employees believe in their company values and only 23 percent use them as they go about their work. This means that the majority of companies are not using their values in a strategic way, missing out on using them to help their employees understand how best to act and make decisions that ultimately impact the success of their company.

This book challenges current ways of designing values, helping companies move away from generic and meaningless ones to those that truly describe and guide their workforce to achieve their mission, helping them understand what behaviours should be used in good times and in bad. It also challenges how companies operationalize their values, helping companies “play with” them by embedding and weaving their values into everything they do, being so much a part of how they operate that even if they were nowhere in sight, their employees would know, believe in, and live them in their behaviours and actions.  “A values-led business uses their values as an hourly and daily tool for problem solving and decision making. They’re ever-present, not being something that is brought out only when it’s convenient or opportunistic”, says Debra in her book.

Bringing Your Values Out To Play, sees values from soup to nuts and dares to question current ways of thinking and acting. Packed full of tips, tools and case studies from leading organizations such as Atlassian, Deloitte, LEGO Group, Purina, Virgin Atlantic, WD-40 Group and Zappos, this book will help you create and bring your values out to play in a more strategic and effective way time and time again.


About our Author

Debra Corey is a much-admired, charismatic and highly respected figure in the Human Resources world, recently being named one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers. She’s had a varied and exciting career over the last 20+ years, working for global companies such as Gap Inc., Honeywell, Merlin Entertainments and Reward Gateway to name a few, where she’s developed and delivered HR strategies in a rebellious way, pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo to truly drive employee engagement.

Her previous two books include “Effective HR Communication: A framework for communicating programmes with IMPACT”, which shares a model for communicating with your workforce, and the best-selling book she co-wrote with Glenn Elliott titled “Build it: A Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement”, which gives readers the tools and inspiration to join the “rebelution” and drive employee engagement.

Debra has now moved from corporate into what she calls the “pay it forward” part of her career. She uses her experience to assist and influence others through her writing, in addition to speaking, leading workshops and helping others around the world.




  • Alanna Ward

    Hello, I would love to get a review copy of this book if possible? Thanks, Alanna

  • Kim

    Of course, Alanna, we'll email you a copy over today. I think you'll love it and look forward to seeing your review.

  • Sarah Pettigrew

    Loved the Rebel Playbook so would love a review copy of this book please?

  • Kim

    We'll get a copy out to you today, Sarah. Hope you enjoy even more than the Rebel Playbook and look forward to seeing your review :-)

  • Eva Partalas

    To whom it may concern, I am not surprised that the percentage rate of those who actually believe in or even practice the values of their organization is so low. We see it all too often. I am very interested in reading Debra\'s proposition on how to challenge and embed meaningful values so as to cultivate a high performing culture and make a significant impact on results. I kindly request a review copy of the book. Thank you, Best regards, Eva Partalas Performance & Development Manager Sani-Ikos 5* Resorts

  • Kim

    Hello Eva, Thank you for your interest. We will arrange to get a review copy of Debra's book to you as soon as possible.