Branded “The Mafia’s Banker” by Luca Longobardi


“Loved the dialogue and story line.” – Nneka Gunn 


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“A really fascinating story, which you feel comes straight from the heart.” – Shelley Goldstein

At 21 years of age, I left my life in Italy to pursue my dream of becoming a top financier on Wall Street. Twenty years later, I woke one day to find that I was “The Mafia’s Banker”. In a single moment, my life was changed forever.

I do not want sympathy. I am not asking for help nor revenge. I just want back what is rightfully mine. My dignity.

Biography of Luca Longobardi 

Luca LongobardiOur Bio has everything to do with whom and where we grew up. My life was influenced by Raffaele Longobardi, my grandfather. I still remember being a little kid and listen to all of his stories about America, and that’s from whom I’ve inherited the desire to pursue my American Dream.

I’m 45, when I speak I’m sorry for my audience, they need to make an effort to understand me, and when I write I feel sorry for my readers, even after spending 24 years abroad, I still keep all my Italian speech heritage. I’m a Cereal Entrepreneur, Cereal with a C because every time I have breakfast a new disruptive idea comes up.

The cost of being like me? 30 days as Interpol most wanted men and 30 days of maximum security prison, I have spent 20 years of my life between NY, Miami, Sao Paolo and Porto Alegre and the past 4 between Milan and London.

At 21 left my country, with a bag full of dream and hope and 500 USD in my pocket. I’ve slept in some of the best hostels in NY as well as some of the cleanest train stations, after washing dishes, peeling potatoes and serving tables.

At 23 I landed my 1st job in Wall Street, in one of those Stratton Oakmont satellite companies. And left shortly after, to call my shots in an honest and institutional organization, with one of the oldest Investment Bank in the world and later I went on to build my own Investment banking business.

Brave and honest, Longobardi writes, “Life is for those who dream, but primarily for those who know how to live, how to be, how to express themselves and to indulge with an honest simplicity.” – Gina

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.