Bookshops Are Bustling


Bookshops Are Bustling

Steve Bercu, CEO of BookPeople in Austin, said, “People are just back into books. There was just tons and tons of stuff getting sold.”


A recent article by Publishers Weekly mentioned an informal survey they conducted. Publishers Weekly stated this covered more than two dozen stores. Furthermore the results were very encouraging. Concerning independent book stores sales they stated “many easily beat the National Retail Federation’s prediction of a 4.1% increase during November and December.”

They interviewed several book store owners who also had very positive things to say.

Beth Black, co-owner of the Bookworm in Omaha, Nebraska said “terrific. Our holiday sales were up nicely over last year, up 20%.”

Shirley Mullin, owner of 29-year-old Kids Ink in Indianapolis stated “the best holiday season we’ve ever had.”

This is of course great news for the publishing industry! Our team have seen our local bookshops busier than ever. With the wider signs that the economy is recovering we can expect to see a very successful 2015 for authors and publishers alike.

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