Bookish Britain: 60% Of Britons Want To Be Authors


A new YouGov study has dubbed the UK ‘Bookish Britain’.

Being an author has been declared as the most desirable job in Britain. 60% of people interviewed by YouGov said they would like to be an author. Additionally the smallest percentage would not like to be one at just 32% of people. The second and third sport were deemed equally as bookish. 54% of people said they would like to be a librarian and 51% stated an academic.

More people said they would like to be an author over a Hollywood movie star! Perhaps authors are becoming the new stars…

Source: YouGov.co.uk
  • DJ

    Author? Ha! Little do they know... Long hours, laptop for company, low pay, no pay, depression, doom, blackness... Or... Choose your hours, laptop doesn't argue, walk/cycle/swim when sun shines, score big contract, earn a zillion, choose hunk/hunkette, villa by the Med/Caribbean, live happily ever after... Take your pick! :-)