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Hey, I’m Patrick.

8 years ago I started Publishing Push. A self publishing company for authors.

We’ve helped over 3,000 writers from more than 15 countries professionally self-publish their books.

Which, I still can’t quite believe…thank you!

We’ve become the highest rated and most trusted self-publishing company in the UK. It all started with a mission to help more authors publish while keeping 100% of their NET royalties and ownership of their work.

Now, the next step is how to make your book a success.

A constant area of frustration I see for authors.

Hence, the book marketing course.

An education portal with everything you need to sell more books.

Let’s go into the details.


1/ Content


Build a content strategy that still leaves you time to write.


I’m going to show you how to pick social channels, scheduling, analytics, content creation & other social media channels.


Then I will get specific explaining how to grow on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok & more.


2/ Amazon Ads


Get more eyeballs on your book.


Most of the top authors are paying to make their book more visible on Amazon. Done right – for every £100 spend on ads you can get £300 in sales. We also show you how to select secret Amazon categories 😉 and choose the right keywords.


I’m no expert but I have enlisted one to help.


3/ Author Website


Your central hub for all your books.


Readers want to see who wrote the book they are about to read & what else you have to offer. Websites are normally expensive and you need a nerdy & expensive developer right? Nope.


We teach you how to build a website for free without being the next Zuckerberg.


4/ Newsletter


Email is a marketing channel you own.


To make sure you can tell your biggest fans about your new releases you need their email. It’s the direct line to people who want to buy and read your books.


We show you how to create one in a few simple steps & how to get people on it.


5/ & More


I recently added two new bonus lessons:


– how to get your book on a Times Square billboard


– how to get your emails seen by more readers

So there is the outline.


Before I return to the carnage of my family home (toddlers & puppies), here are three quick things.


1. It’s going to be bite sized.


You know those long winded courses where the guy running it waffles on about the same point for 10 minutes.


This is NOT that.


This is as much detail and value as possible in bite sized chunks for you to do at your pace, in your time.


2. It’s going to be simple.


This isn’t unnecessarily complicated.


Each module is hours of research, years of experience, learning from the professionals (who have made multiple mistakes and learnt from them so you don’t have to).


It is condensed into step by step videos and simple, ready to action tasks.


3. It’s going to be practical.


This isn’t a sit, listen and absorb kinda teach.


This is a practical course. We show you and you go do.


This won’t work if you aren’t willing to action the modules.

One last thing


Recently I wanted to improve my writing. Less lawyer talk (what I did at uni) more like your mate talking to you at the pub – relatable.


I took this course. Power Writing by Shaan Puri. It’s made all my writing 10x better. It’s helped me communicate with other team members, write better captions and hopefully better copy.


I immediately implemented what I learnt and it led to more sales and more opportunities. I want that same feeling for you when you finish this course. I want you to be getting 10x more book sales and book reviews.


Most importantly I want you to enjoy marketing your book.

Patrick Walsh