Book Marketing for Self Published Authors


We specialise in helping self published authors with book marketing. Authors are curious to know if the book marketing methods used for self-published authors differ from those used by publishing houses. There are a few subtle differences but on the whole the process is the same. We do have to of course consider the budget differences. However, these may not be as vast as you think. The capital committed to book marketing for a new author at a publishing house can often be low to non existent. In fact many of the authors we work with are traditionally published but are investing their own money into book marketing.

Social Media

Both self published authors and traditionally published authors alike will be committing a huge amount of time to social media marketing. Traditionally published authors and self published alike will be responsible for growing their own accounts. Big publishing houses may help with content for their most successful authors but largely it is down to you.

Book Reviews

Large publishers will have an in house PR team and a network of contacts they rely on to secure reviews. As a self-published author you have to generate these yourselves. Alternatively you can hire a book marketing company like ourselves and we can do this for you. You can find out all the details by contacting us here.

Traditional PR

Same scenario as the above for book reviews. This is going to be down to you as a self-published author. You will be responsible for tracking down the journalists or radio and TV hosts. Or in the modern world now influencers. These may be social media personalities or bloggers. This is a HUGE part of getting your book selling. To push it past just friends and family you need traditional PR and you need reviews.

Sales Platforms

Sales platform do form an element of book marketing for self published authors and traditionally published authors alike. The reason being that on Amazon once you gain excellent reviews and good traction – Amazon’s algorithm will give you a hand. It will see that your book is selling and do its best to promote your book to others it feels would be interested in your story. How do you get some traction here initially? That is down to the reviews and PR gained above.

Paid Advertising

Major publishing houses will be running paid advertising for all their titles and authors. If they aren’t then be very shocked! Paid advertising can be hugely beneficial but it takes time and money to perfect this strategy. You need time to experiment with locations, demographics, ad content and images. Once you find a strategy that works it can powerful but it will take a large investment.

If you have questions about book marketing for self published authors please drop us a line and find our more here: PublishingPush.com