Bobby, the Allotment Robin – Joanne Appleby


“Together Bobby and Scarlet watched the eggs hatch.
The two chicks were squeaking as they were very hungry.
Hatching is very hard work.’

Bobby, the Allotment Robin is a timeless source of reading for a child.  It provides a happy and welcoming tone, organic within its pages.

Joanne Appleby covers seasonal changes, wildlife and the natural world in a story built around Bobby and his partner, Scarlet.  The reader navigates with them the tale of their building a nest, laying eggs, and eventually watching their two chicks, Poppy and Cherry, hatch.  Not forgetting the birds two human friends, Gill and Jo, who visit the allotment throughout the passing seasons.

Beautifully illustrated by Katarina Nice, this picture book charmingly depicts the art and beauty of the natural world, and is wonderful early-learning material for young minds.  The planting of seeds, the picking of crops, and the all-important tasks undertaken by Bobby and his pals are as welcomingly displayed on each page as they would be in the real world.

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“A seasonal tale.”  5 STARS
“This is a beautiful book taking the reader through the seasons of a whole year…  Well written and accompanied by intruiging illustrations throughout.  A Fantastic book for children of 4 years and above.  Great for use in classes as well as a lovely night time story.”
Paperback edition review, Waterstones.com, October 2019

About the Author

Joanne Appleby was born and raised in a small village in the heart of Northumberland, currently residing in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Soon Joanne will be retiring from her career in care work, where she has worked as a personal assistant.  At that time she plans to write a lot more, and release further work.

Joanne’s spare time frequently revolves around her keen interest in swimming, which often sees her enjoying early morning swim training several times a week.

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