Best Selling Books And Genres Of All Time


Best Selling Genres of All Time


An amazing infographic which details the best selling books of all time. They are then split into genres to show which are the best selling genres of all time.

Source Michael Patrick Hicks

  • Emily Arden

    What about romance? Where does that fit it? Surely one of the bestselling genres...

  • PublishingPush

    Hello Emily. Regarding Romance you would have to talk with the creator of the Infopgraphic: http://michaelpatrickhicks.com/2014/10/27/infographic-battle-of-the-genres/ We did post another infographic from a different set of data. Here it is suggested that the Romance/Erotica genre is worth $1.44 Billion! https://publishingpush.com/blog/which-5-book-genres-make-the-most-money/ Food for thought...

  • Emily Arden

    This is fascinating! Thanks