Becoming Unique by James Charles


“An honest, warts and all insight into the turbulent youth and adulthood of the author.” – Michael J.

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“This is a thriller that satisfies on a number of different levels.” – John Paine

Becoming Unique looks at someone only made aware of being possibly Autistic in late adulthood. Living a life of unknown Autism meant struggling with bullying and despair while growing up in Ireland, as well as struggling academically at school.

Like many young people in the 1980s James left Ireland to seek employment and new life in England. Over the years, James experienced struggles and misunderstandings in different workplaces, as well as struggles in relationships and with his Irish identity.

Over many years, supportive friends, family and work colleagues helped James believe in himself and achieve a worthwhile career. Becoming Unique looks at the many misunderstood struggles of Autism, but also shows “Autism can be wonderful”.

Biography of James Charles

James Charles grew up in Aughavas, County Leitrim, Ireland, but has lived in England for almost thirty years. He worked as a mental health practitioner, as well as over twenty years experience in nursing and care work, specializing in mental health and learning disabilities. Now he’s focusing his career on Complementary Therapy and Coaching practice.

“It’s best to read the book from beginning to end in order to understand what the person it’s written about as well as understanding something about autism.” – James 

Contact us to obtain a copy of the book for review by clicking here.