Basic Reading and English for Ages 3 to 100 – Ava Hutchinson


English made easy at any age

Ava Hutchinson’s comprehensive book, Basic Reading and English for Ages 3-100 is the perfect educational resource for children and adults keen to learn every aspect of the English language.

This concise book makes reading English and learning the language simple, with a host of handy materials and helpful examples to support everyone. Basic Reading and English for Ages 3-100 is highly recommended for early learners and for non-native, adult speakers who are keen to improve their skills, as the author explains: “I believe this book will be greatly appreciated by children and adults of all ages and levels. People can still keep and embrace their native languages and dialects while learning to speak proper English”.

Beautifully illustrated and well-structured, this book covers every inch of English, from the alphabet and adjectives to spellings and sentences. The basic principles of grammar are explained clearly, with excellent examples of creating correct sentences using verbs, nouns, pronouns and other building blocks behind the language.

Tenses are tackled and explained with ease, helping readers of all ages and abilities to grasp and understand the foundations of English. Is it ‘hair’ or ‘hare’, ‘breath’ or ‘breathe’? At times, English can be rather confusing, but the author explains such oddities of the language in straightforward terms.

As well as being an interactive and unique teaching tool, this family-friendly title will encourage parents and children to read together and learn together. This is an inviting and practical text book for anyone aiming to learn and master the English language.

Basic Reading and English for Ages 3-100 was published in April 2018 by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited. 

Copies of this title and interviews with the author are available on request.