Barking up the Wrong Tree – Attila Márton


“If you are seriously interested in the problem of oversupply of dogs, I would suggest you read this important essay.” – J. Stephens, animal behaviourist, Ireland


‘Barking up the wrong tree’ provides a thought-provoking examination of the misunderstandings surrounding animal welfare and challenges the way we think about the situation of our four-legged friends.

Why are there so many animal rescue organizations yet the number of stray dogs is constantly rising?

Why do breeders keep breeding dogs when there is a steady oversupply of dogs?

Why are there so many gruesome animal abuse cases when legislation is constantly passing animal protection laws?

‘Barking up the wrong tree’ focuses on the major issues of animal welfare, exploring areas we either prefer to ignore or don’t even realize have any effect on the life of dogs. Read and discover what we have misunderstood, what we have missed, and what we need to do to significantly reduce animal suffering.

25% of e-book sales supports Nowzad Dogs, a charitable organization that is reuniting soldiers serving in Afghanistan with the dogs and cats they rescued from the front lines

“This book was quite an eye-opener for me, and I highly recommend it if you want to be more informed about animal welfare issues, and maybe find a way to do something to help.” – Caron Allan

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Author Bio
atilla-martonAttila Márton was born in Hungary and lives in London, United Kingdom.

He was the executive manager of the Hungarian Kennel Club for half a decade, participating in numerous international projects.

He is currently a freelancer author, event manager & advisor, marketing & PR strategist.
His dog related publications can be found in major international magazines throughout the globe, such as Our Dogs, The Canine Chronicle, Hot Dog Magazine and Pets Today Greece.

You can find more information at his official webpage: www.attilamarton.com.