Azarias Tor: The History Maker – Richard Abbott-Brailey


Do we make history or does
history make us what we are?

Azarias Tor cover

Intersecting story lines take the reader to different perspectives of the story, with humor that catches you when you least expect it. And by the end?….well lets just say, timing is everything…!” – Amazon Customer

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What if you discovered you were a time traveller and two of the people you loved the most had died before their due time? Surely the next question is not ‘what would you do’ but ‘what wouldn’t you do to bring them back to life’, even though you know you shouldn’t?

This is the dilemma faced by Azarias Tor, who, at the age of 42, has spent the last four years coming to terms with the death of his wife, and his ‘undercover police’ partner; for which he blames himself, seemingly linked to the same case, where no one is brought to justice for those crimes – corruption in high places; very high places that have the power to silence Azarias Tor, but he never forgets. And then he discovers that he is that time traveller! What wouldn’t he do to save the people he loves, regardless of the consequences?

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“…timelines and purposes are explored and identified with a wonderful flair for the dramatic and a keen sense of imagination. With a nod to science fiction icon Dr. Who and a crime-fighting twist reminiscent of Minority Report, Abbott-Brailey twists and bends the subplot of time travel into something rather unique, allowing endless avenues for the story to continue on while featuring strong characters with curious backstories.”The Belle


About the Author

IMG_1852Richard Abbott-Brailey was born in London, and attended school in Watford, having moved there with his family when he was aged eight.

After spending some years working in the retail sector, and in sales, he returned to education as a mature student, obtaining a BA(Hons).

Following a spell working in theatre, in lighting and stage management, he qualified as a secondary school teacher.

An alumni of The Central School of Speech and Drama, Richard now lives in Northumberland with his wife, Hilary, and two cars.

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Twitter – R.Abbott-Brailey@AzariasTor
Facebook – Richard Abbott-Brailey
Instagram – @richardabbottbrailey
Website (under development) – richardabbottbrailey.wixsite.com/website

Richard will be attending the 2018 London Book Fair in April.  Look out for him if you are there, he’d love to say ‘Hi’.

I wrote the book, with a view to producing a series, and developed the character, with ordinariness in mind, where the protagonist, in spite of his past, is living a fairly ordinary life, wherein he discovers the extraordinary within himself. I like to think that we all have this element, to be able to exceed our own expectations and rise to meet the occasion in moments of need –when others need our help. With that in mind I also wanted to explore the idiosyncrasies that make us tick, and the pain of loss, grief, and sacrifice, in the hope that readers may empathise, even sympathise, with the character’s malaise. Finally, I want the reader to believe that time travel is possible, or feasible!” – Richard Abbott-Brailey

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Azarias Tor: The History Maker is a splendid novel which takes readers on a soul-stirring adventure and literary expedition. It is not only well-written, but reflects keen thought and absolute humanity. Readers will enjoy it and come to revere it for its revelations and lessons.”Deandria

The story of Azarias is rooted in the tragic loss of his wife as he tries to come to terms with who he truly is. As new people enter his life he begins to question his own past.” – OneMinuteBookReview (click to hear the full review)