Avon: The Storms of Change by Christian Alecci



Avon The Storms of Change_Cover

“A fantastic read!! Unlike anything I’ve read before. Has aspects similar to the Hunger Games and such, however much more descriptive and evoking.Do yourself a favor and read this one!!”Meesh

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Avon’s golden era falls as an all-powerful Judge and his bloodline infest the land, making way for the rise of his perverse world. Those who remain in his oppressive society attempt a dance that no one knows the steps for, desperately hoping to resurrect their once glorious world. Meanwhile, a dangerous force is busy invoking powers that threaten to bring a madness that will cover the land in darkness and snuff light out forever.

Buckle up for this trilogy that will have you wondering… what is the price of glory? How far are you willing to go to get what you want? In a world of no god or grace, who do you bow to? Welcome to Avon.

Avon is an enthralling, imaginative and sometimes terrifying world! I found myself getting more and more engulfed into this story with every turn of the page. An intense “struggle” for power, a distracting love story and a bit of dark humor come together, when just over the mountains looms a dark force ready to shatter this false utopia.”Michael N Jacobs

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