AVAILABLE NOW: The Woman Who Stole My Heart by Ann Riley-Hawkins


 An unconventional bond of love takes two women on a journey of despair and hope

Is Love a Dangerous Emotion?

The Woman Who Stole My Heart is the dazzling new LGBTQ+ debut from author Ann Riley-Hawkins. Tender, romantic and sensual, the novel explores love’s astounding ability to defy discriminatory bounds of gender, age and culture.

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It can be dangerous to fall in love… especially when it breaks so many conventions.

Alex has almost given up on it altogether. The excitement of her affair with the sultry daughter of her boss’ distribution company has began to lose its appeal and now, decidedly past middle-age, she yearns for something more.

Enter Kimberly. Elusive, shy and beautiful; she takes Alex’s breath away. But how can she expect this woman who is easily ten years her junior to take interest in her?

As the pair begin to meet more regularly at church, they form a unique and unexpected bond which opens the doors of possibility and leads them on a journey towards self-discovery, acceptance and ultimately; love.

Ann Riley-Hawkins writes with compassion the experience of ‘otherness’ in a world that is set in its ways. The reconciliation of age, sexuality, religion and culture are explored through Alex and Kimberly’s relationship with an authentic and honest voice.

A modern love story which rings as true as any other, The Woman Who Stole My Heart possesses a tragic but redemptive quality which showcases how closed minds can be opened when confronted by the unequivocal devotion of two people.

Review for The Woman Who Stole My Heart

‘A compelling read from start to finish. If you want to be captivated with a different type of love story, then this is a must-read and, I believe like myself, you will not be able to put it down until you have finished.’

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About the Book

Format: Paperback
Pages: 266
Price: £12.99
ISBN: 9781914078149

The Woman Who Stole My Heart is available for purchase on Amazon.

Author Bio

Ann Riley-Hawkins was born in Zimbabwe. Growing up she would spend many hours watching wild animals from elephants to dung beetles, sharing the same habitat but contributing to its diversity in different ways.

Now living in the UK, one of her joys is listening to singers and choirs practicing for events. Stories often pop into her head through watching their interactions with one other.

Her characters evolved from these observations and while she isn’t sure whether the story began to fit them or the other way round, it didn’t matter. She started to write her narrative down during her spare time.

The Woman Who Stole My Heart is Ann’s debut novel. She is currently working on a number of other projects in the background.