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Nyla was a jobless humanities graduate, forced to work as a zero hours temp on the night shift at the ‘Most Successful Bank in the Universe’.  An American bank in the city of London.  A place so secret that there is no name on its wall and the staff entrance leads through a mediaeval graveyard.  With her dreams already broken she is afraid of losing this job, the only opportunity to pay off her debts and survive another week in the big city.

In this final instalment of the trilogy, Nyla has been working in the dark, on the graveyard shift for several years now. She has tried to blow the whistle, but the Bank is reverting to its true nature.

Nyla is now the only one left of all the people who started with her. Her life is going nowhere.

But Nyla’s best friend suggests a completely different career option. The Bagman, a high up financial executive, has turned up in Nyla’s life again. And he’s definitely interested.

Big events shake up the world of banking. Bubbles, wild rides, the crash, another crash, austerity… the kaleidoscope of chaos rattles out of control, with Nyla inside.

As the Bagman flies all over the planet, trying to save the economy, Nyla is torn between holding on to her own small survival (and she does – she survives the big cull after the crash, she survives the sadistic new tests, she takes a pay cut and successfully reapplies for her own job) and trading her personal integrity for the protection of the Bagman.

But isn’t the Bagman one of the architects of Nyla’s misery? How can she choose him when he destroys the world?

Big love, big money, big decisions.

Ghosts from the past return.

Will Nyla survive one last time, when her department is outsourced to India?

Or will they all go down in a big flood of blood, in the Slaughterhouse Morning?

With its own brand of dark humour, this story has been described as a chilling read, not to be missed.

As one reviewer noted – I did it for the…pleasure of reading a good book.

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About the Author
Nyla Nox

Nyla Nox leads an exciting double life.
She writes novels and articles about the secret lives inside the Big Banks in the City of London, the dark heart of capitalism.
Her trilogy ‘Graveyards of the Banks’ is based on Nyla’s personal experience of seven years of working on the night shift inside the Most Successful Banks in the Universe, a hell of broken dreams where jobless humanities graduates work zero hours contracts next to the best paid bankers on earth. But Nyla knows all their secrets…

Praise for Graveyards of the Banks

“Graveyards of the Banks is a deeply troubling book about exploitation embedded within the culture of greed and materialism. The Narrator a humanities graduate, seeking financial stability is excited to procure a job with a well-regarded Bank, perhaps one of the top five in the world. What she finds within its dingy insides is an oppressive caste system where the lives of the lowest are dependent on the whims of the higher-ups. Worse than the bullying and shaming she faces is the uncertainty of having her shift cut and being deprived of the bare sustenance the job promised her. This book alerts us to what we may choose to deny – the human rights abuses that go on within banks and within many other industries where millions strive to merely exist. Can’t wait to read book two, ‘MONSTERS ARISING’, which is also available now.”Deepak Pandya

“…we experience the terribly poignant moment when the narrator describes the victory that is being finally allowed to wear a pair of in-ear headphones, one ear in, the other dangling, while she works, which only the older hands are allowed to do…with that and the wonderful description of waiting to see which chocolate snack she will choose from the vending machine in her one longed-for ten minute break, we experience with her that feeling of having your world reduced to a microcosm of petty visciousness…” – Noel Maurice, Indie Lit

“… This is a sadder volume than the first, but Nyla manages to weave in acidic astute observations and clever comic relief. We are left with the portent of another dark cloud over the 7th floor. What possible resolution will “Slaughterhouse Morning’ bring?” – Amazon Customer

“…Wow. This was an amazing, moving book. Most of the financial fiction I read is best described as thrillers or mysteries, but not this book. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect… the first couple of pages had a pace and a style that I wasn’t used to. But once I got into the writer’s rhythm, I was hooked. This book is a semi-autobiographical fiction (?) viewed through a poetic filter. And it really struck a chord with me…” – Aaron Hoos, Financial Reviews

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