Author Kate Langdon On Turning Fame Into Lemonade @katealangdon


cz0709FEnational_kate01 (1)Author Kate Langdon

Fans of Marian Keyes, Helen Fielding and Jennifer Weiner will adore Kate’s books. Sassy, saucy and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.
Escapism at its very best…the perfect entertainment for a summer holiday.
Her characters are quirky, witty, heartwarmingly relatable…and very hard to leave behind. In her previous lives Kate has been a journalism student, a tennis coach, a writer for television commercials, a burger bar owner, and an event manager. Kate lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her partner and young son and is currently hard at work on her fourth novel.

This (Making Lemonade) is the funniest chick-lit book I have ever read…and I’ve read many.
– Sunday Star Times

Naughty, hilarious and highly entertaining.
– City Mix Magazine

Chick-lit at its snazziest, wittiest and frothiest.
– New Zealand Herald

Samantha Steel is 33 and blissfully happy. She’s about to be made a partner in one of the country’s leading advertising agencies, she has no messy emotional ties or relationship hang-ups, plenty of money, clothes, good parties – and designer dresses and décor to die for.

Perfection. Until a highly enjoyable one-night stand goes horribly pear-shaped and she accidentally bonks someone famous. The bonking wasn’t accidental – it was the guy being about as famous as it gets that was her big mistake.

Making Lemonade
Meet three thirty-somethings whose lives have swerved way off the beaten track…

91HRZxIqPgLJools has an addiction to married men, usually her boss, which always ends in disaster. Before she can come to terms with being unemployed (yet again), she finds herself up the duff, father unknown. Is it her charming, arrogant and married ex-boss? Or is it the man-child she met one drunken night at the Irish pub. If only she could remember his name…

Sally is married to Vincent, a self-absorbed televangelist, obsessed with his TV show and beauty treatments. She spends her days working, ferrying her three children around and listening to her husband preach. How could her hopes and dreams have been so unimportant she waved them goodbye without a second thought?

Kat has the perfect life all mapped out: the perfect job, the perfect husband, the perfectly renovated home and the soon-to-come perfect children. But when her suspicions that her husband is having an affair are proved to be correct, she suddenly finds herself single with a handbag full of broken dreams.

Can they find their way back to the dreams of their youth – or is it time to accept life’s lemons and start making lemonade?

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