Author Feature: Max Nowaz


After publishing a children’s fantasy rhyme in 2005, ‘Timbi’s Dream’, Max sold his business in 2009, and so ensued his embarkment on a successful writing career as a playwright and novelist. He has completed several creative writing courses, including ones in Birkbeck and Faber.

 ‘Cheating Death’ was Max’s first one act play, produced on stage at the Place Theatre in Bedford in 2013, and has now been extended to a three act play with negotiations ongoing to stage it at The Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone, London in February 2019.

A second play ‘A Holiday to Remember’ is scheduled to follow soon after.

More recently, Max has published his debut novel for adults, The Arbitrator (Matador, 2016), as well as Get Rich or Get Lucky (2017).

“Some days are better than others, for human optimism has no limits.”

Max Nowaz

Get Rich or Get Lucky

Get Rich or Get Lucky is a gripping fantasy fiction thriller, following protagonist Adam, who finds himself in control of a magic that he never knew existed, until now.

Literary disappointments line his career, and with that Adam makes the choice to embark on a get-rich-quick scheme by renovating run-down houses. Unpredicted and by chance, Adam discovers something in the basement of one derelict property, a book of magic, and he cannot believe his luck.

What will his friends, Dick and Charlie, think when he shows them?

Inadvertently casting a spell turning Dick into a crayfish, reversing the spell isn’t working, and Adam begins searching frantically for a solution, leaving Dick in the garden pond, but Dick disappears and as his wife reports him missing, Adam is the prime suspect of who, but the police want to know why.

Adam’s life spirals out of control, he is burgled and in even worse circumstances, the book of magic is stolen. It is then that Adam begins a race against time in a chase to thwart the evil warlock who’s been searching for the book. Secrets about the book and about himself are not the only worries Adam faces, but to undertake a search that could leave Dick missing forever.

If you enjoy a fast-paced thriller that will leave you on the edge of your chair, you must read this.




 “Thirst Quencher.” – 5*
(Format: Kindle Edition)

“…Having read Arbitrator, I was thirsty for another action-packed read and I wasn’t going to pass over Max Nowaz’s next novel. I was not disappointed. Picture a James Bond hero (albeit ‘little’). Our hero constantly negotiating his way through life’s challenges – both the mundane and the out-of-the-ordinary. If you have a penchant for philosophy, you have a few anecdotes to pause and reflect on. And then there’s the magic. The momentum picks up and you’re swept off on a breath-taking roller coaster of a plot with delightfully comic touches along the way. All against a backdrop that takes in the ordinary bustle and charms of Britain’s urban and rural. A very enjoyable read. Is there a sequel? …(Yes please)!” – Amazon

“Excellent and exciting read.” – 5*
(Format: Paperback)

“Get rich or get lucky keeps you hooked from start to finish. It has action, comedy, fantasy and romance all in one with many twists and turns along the way. A great book for a wide range of readers.” – Amazon

The Arbitrator

Max Nowaz brings you his debut novel, The Arbitrator, a science fiction thriller that follows Jim Brown, a 153-year-old formerly highly successful troubleshooting administrator for the EPA (Earth Policy Administration), who now, is rotting in jail for tax fraud. So you think.

Dying of an incurable drug habit acquired whilst there, he is in prison for enacting revenge and the murder of several people on the planet Levita, after meeting the incredibly beautiful Narissa. However, in order to survive his illness, his only hope was to undertake a regeneration process, proved to kill lesser men, but he clings on, and in a shocking turn of events, survives the next 10 years of his sentence.

He is given a reprieve.

Sent as ‘The Arbitrator’ to ‘Pirrus’, an Earth colony in another solar system, his task is to attempt to apprehend the rebellion unfolding and bring matters to a sense of control. His title conveys negotiation, but really, he is there to enforce a settlement. Should success greet him, Jim will be a very rich man, but the deadline for his treatment to remain effective is looming, and soon he must return home to earth.

On meeting Gina, the daughter on of one of the rebels she is pleading to Jim to save, he is faced with plots of foreign powers threatening his task, and so seduces Gina in an exploited exchange for letting all the prisoners go. Under the influence of his addiction, Jim is man without conscience, preoccupied with only his means for survival. He forces Gina to cooperate with him, but eventually his past catches up with him and with a mole newly discovered within the operation, will he have the strength to surpass those who undermine his efforts to succeed?

How will such a volatile Jim react when time is nearing its end?

If you like innovation and have enjoyed works like The Avatar, The Blade Runner, and Maze Runner, you will love this.




“Max has a terrific narrative style to hold his original and dramatic storyline” – 5*
(Format: Kindle Edition)

“An enjoyable and fast paced read. Max has a terrific narrative style to hold his original and dramatic storyline. It was also interesting to read an honest account of how it can feel to exercise power, and I liked the twists at the end. A solid and thoughtful book and I look forward to more explorations of Max’s unusually wide range of experience.”Amazon

“Great book from start to finish. Interesting and absorbing! Would definitely recommend.” – 5* – Goodreads

Excerpt from ‘Get Rich or Get Lucky’

It was a lovely warm day, if slightly cloudy, and the sun was quite hot for early April, but he felt a little shiver down his back. They were standing next to the pond and Charlie was pointing at something.

“Hey, Adam,” he shouted. “Did you know you’ve got some crayfish in the pond? The water is unusually clear.”

“If you had a barbecue we could fry them,” said Dick.

“Yes. There are exactly three of them, one each,” said Charlie. “What about it?”

“Forget the barbecue, there’s something else I’m going to do first. I’ve got the book right here,” Adam said. He still could not believe that they were not interested in sharing his find.

“You’re not serious,” laughed Dick. “What, turn us into frogs?” as if he were reading Adam’s thoughts.

“Why not a crayfish?” piped Charlie. “We can join those other three, I hope they are females.”

“You don’t believe me then?” asked Adam seriously. “I’m telling you, this is real magic.”

“Sure.” Dick smirked. “And I’m a bloody crayfish.”

“Right,” said Adam. “What’s the German for crayfish?” He thumbed through the dictionary.

“Fucked if I know,” said Dick.

“Right, here it is, it’s der Flusskrebs,” said Adam. “Who wants to go first?” He could not believe what he was suggesting, but they were asking for it. Even though it was not very likely to work, he felt frustrated.

“You’re kidding,” said Charlie, looking slightly apprehensive.

“I’ll go first,” said Dick. “Charlie’s a chicken.”

“Alright then,” said Adam, apprehensive himself. “You’re sure?” he asked Dick.

“I’m sure.” Dick was derisive. “Are you?”

“No, I can’t do it,” Adam blurted out suddenly. “I won’t take the chance.”

“Here, let me.” Dick snatched the book out of Adam’s hand. “My German’s better than yours.”

“I don’t want to try it,” said Adam.

“Who’s a chicken now?” Dick laughed. “Looks like it’s going to be you after all, Charlie.” Dick winked at him.

Charlie winced in horror, but as Dick read out the spell, instead of mentioning Charlie by name he shouted out Adam’s name. It took Adam by surprise and he was frozen for a moment; however, nothing whatsoever happened. Adam was baffled.

“This is a piece of garbage,” snarled Dick. “You’ve just brought us here to waste our time.”

“Wait, let me try,” said Adam.

“So you think it’s going to work for you?” Dick stared at him. “Go on. Try it on me, then.”

Adam read the verse aloud, mentioning Dick by name and filling in the blank space with der Flusskrebs. For a moment nothing happened, but then suddenly there was a clap of thunder and Dick disappeared, and then they noticed there was a large crayfish wriggling on the grass before them.

Charlie fainted. Adam picked up the crayfish and looked at it. It peered at him through its two dark eyes, which seemed not to comprehend what had happened to it.

“That’ll teach you,” he said to it. “You won’t doubt me again.”