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From self-published book to audiobook. We transform your book into a self-published audio masterpiece.

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How Does It Work?

Audiobooks have exploded in popularity. It has opened authors up to new consumers and to new revenue streams as well. As peoples lives get busier, they demand to be able to do more on the go. Self-published audiobooks are an extentsion of this new form of consumption. Previously, self-publishing an audiobook was prohibitively expensive, but now, advances in technology and production have made this achievable for all.

A self-published audiobook is recommended not just to help you increase revenue and access more readers but retailers like Amazon favour listings with audiobooks attached.

We keep you updated throughout the entire process, and we encourage your thoughts and feedback at every stage. Our team will also be available to provide you with expert advice throughout the process.

Before getting started, you can submit your manuscript to the team at Publishing Push. We’ll provide you with feedback on your manuscript free of charge, no strings attached!

Recently Self-Published Author

Thanks to the Publishing Push team, for their amazing work and support. I had no idea about publishing but with Publishing Push everything was made clear…To be honest the team was more than I expected.


Thanks again for making my dream come true.


Paulette Graham

Why Work With Us?

Once your audiobook has been published you’ll keep 100% of the NET royalties from the book’s sales – we won’t take a penny!

We’ll provide you with a sales dashboard that is available 24/7 so you can keep track of your audiobook sales and royalties.

Typical turnaround time for audiobook publishing is 6 to10 weeks, so you won’t be waiting long before you’re a published author!

Your self-published audiobook will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes for listeners to enjoy.

We’ll promote your audiobook to our 40,000 followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to kickstart book sales.

Don’t worry about paying the full amount upfront – you can split the cost of payment at the start and end of the audiobook publishing process.

Onboarding Call

We’ll answer any questions you may have about book sizing, pricing or any other publishing-related queries.

Retain Ownership

Retain complete ownership of your copyright and your work so you don’t have to worry about losing any royalties.

Samples Provided

We will source samples from the narrators before production starts. This way you can be assured the narrator is right for your book.

Our audiobook publishing packages start at £200 per recorded hour

Self-Published Authors

Audiobook Production

Audiobook production may sound daunting, but it’s a straightforward process. The most challenging part is choosing a narrator that you like. You can, of course, self narrate, but you must ensure the quality of the recording is excellent for it to be useable.

Using a narrator, they will have to read through your book once to understand the story, themes and characters. They need to understand the book almost as intimately as you do to know what is coming next. The narrator will be doing all the voices in your book, and they need to be familiar with the story to get the correct intonation.

The recording is just the first part of the process. We then hand this over to a sound engineer for you. Their job is to mix and master a beautiful recording for your listener’s pleasure. They will need to remove any errors or slips made by the narrator and then produce files that meet the requirements laid out by Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Each platform has a different set of conditions to which the engineer must adhere.

Professional narrators do all narration with expert equipment. The engineers all have studios with state of the art equipment to produce a super audiobook for your consumers.

Project Pricing

Our pricing model is a per recorded hour rate. When the project is complete, our system will automatically multiply the final run time of the audio multiplied by the agreed-upon rate in the contract. Paying us per finished hour ensures everything is produced to the highest standard as we will get paid the same amount regardless of how long it takes to complete the job. The average 70,000-word book at 7.5 hours of finished run time would cost approximately £1500.00 to produce. What do you get by spending more per finished hour? More experienced narrators and engineers.

This flat per finished hour rate also includes distribution to Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Audiobook Production Process

If you are recording your manuscript yourself, then the first part of the production process won’t apply. If you are handing this over to a professional, then well done and here are the next steps.

We send a form so you can give us some initial information about who would be the most suitable narrator for your book. We then use this to source samples for you. In these samples, the narrators will read a few pages of your book, so you can see how your book sounds in their voice. Once you have found a narrator you are happy with, we can commence.

The per completed hour rate will be agreed upon, and we will take a 50% deposit to commence work. Your sound engineer will also be reserved at this point. Recording commences.

Once complete, we will then send this over to you for review. We ask that you listen to the entire recording to make sure there are no amends or errors. This process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month, depending on how long your manuscript is.

The book cover artwork is produced, and then we arrange the distribution for you.

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